September Updates

New month begins, summer wanes, and Ren Faire season begins. This weekend I’m taking my daughter to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival this weekend. I love renn faires; I hope my daughter does as well. We’ll see. She already tried on two dresses she’s going to wear. One is pink velvet the other is purple … fabric. No clue what it is. But its purple and she likes it. So all’s good. Odds are she’ll like it, but I don’t know for sure. Later my girlfriend and I are going to the Lakewood Renn Faire and we’re still planning on going to the Penn Renn Faire in October.

Right now I am still planning on going to TravellerCon. I haven’t formally sent in the registration info yet because I do not yet know in what capacity I will be going as. Assuming I can finish the Creatures of Distant Worlds Compendium in the next two weeks, I am going to be a vendor. I am still hopeful that I can also finish up my first project for Foreven, but more than likely it will be ready for a mid-November/early-December release. I am highly considering getting myself listed with some distributors. If I can, I’ll be doing a campaign mid-2010 to get into game stores. Not bad for being less than a year old.

Pathfinder has not escaped my notice as well. I have a megaton of fantasy artwork currently going unused. I’ve played enough to be familiar with the game and it is a damn fun game. The only thing holding me back at the moment is the possibility that I might be spreading myself to thin. Running a business is not an easy venture. I find myself spending just as much time on the business aspect as I do actually writing. Don’t get me wrong, it is one fun ride. But it is also a small ton of work.

Recently, I’ve been learning some cool tricks with Photoshop. I’ve known how to make something look like its travelling at blinding speeds, but now I’m taking that and applying it in a different way to make it look like that same object is being warped at odd angles. Expect to see some of this in upcoming covers.

Traveller Upcoming Products: Next week, we’ve got 4 more d66 lists. I’ve got 2 picked out so far: Private Ships and Emblems. The following week premieres the last of the Creatures of Distant Worlds for individual sale: Ants. This will cover everything from swarms of tiny ants that devour people in 2-3 rounds to giant radioactive ants that damage small space craft with their bite. Following that comes the third in the Mech Tech ‘n’ bot line. Its currently 2/3’s complete and will be ready for release towards the end of the month.

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