[PFRPG] Thursday Preview: Cover and Contents

The good news is that Book of the Faithful: The Worshiping Swords is moving along nicely. If things continue as planned, it will be available next week for download. So… what are The Worshiping Swords exactly? Short answer: they are intelligent weapons. Longer answer: The Worshiping Swords are a total of nine magic items possessing the soul of a faithful follower a particular deity. Each sword represents a faithful follower of a deity and desires to either see the deity’s goals furthered or their own goals furthered and were enabled to do so by their deity. Nine swords in total, one sword for each alignment (ok, eight swords and one mace). Each weapon possesses a special purpose and dedicated power to enforce those goals. Those nine weapons are:

  • Weeping Sword of Mercy and Justice, LG (Bring criminals to justice),
  • Dagger of the Lich, CE (Slay paladins),
  • Dakatnu’s Mace, CN (Humiliate rulers),
  • Rapier of the Judge, LN (Defend the weak and oppressed),
  • Dawn Blade, NG (Slay undead)
  • Thaggash, LE (Defend the forest and woodland creatures),
  • Arcanus Neutralus, N (Defeat arcane spellcasters)
  • Short Sword of Dragon’s Blood, NE (Slay dragons)
  • Flame Tongue of Baenashik, CG (Defend worshipers of deities with the Fire domain)

Tomorrow we will post the description of one of the weapons. For tonight however, we leave you the cover. Good night all.

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