[PFRPG] Preview #3 Arcanus Neutralus

For our last preview this week of the Book of the Faithful: The Worshiping Swords we bring you the whole entry of Arcanus Neutralus, the Neutral aligned sword dedicated to defeating but not killing arcane spellcasters and help them to follow the will of the goddess of magic. The Worshiping Swords will be available nextContinue reading “[PFRPG] Preview #3 Arcanus Neutralus”

[PFRPG] Thursday Preview: Cover and Contents

The good news is that Book of the Faithful: The Worshiping Swords is moving along nicely. If things continue as planned, it will be available next week for download. So… what are The Worshiping Swords exactly? Short answer: they are intelligent weapons. Longer answer: The Worshiping Swords are a total of nine magic items possessingContinue reading “[PFRPG] Thursday Preview: Cover and Contents”