[Traveller] Fighters and Small Ships 50% off Sale

Next month, Jon Brazer Enterprises will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. And for our one year anniversary, we will be publishing Mech Tech ‘n’ Bot: Mech Squadrons and having it available for your local game store to order and carry. So before we can do that, we have to print a number of copies.

To help raise money for our first offset print run, we are going to be selling Mech Tech ‘n’ Bot Fighters and Small Ships for $3.49 for the next week. That is half off its normal price. If you have been holding off on buying some of the fastest ships published for the Traveller, now is your chance.

One a personal note, I just want to say thank you to every single person that has ever bought one of our supplements. We thank you all for giving us a chance and making us the successful company we are today.

Published by Dale McCoy

Greetings, I am Dale McCoy, Jr. Jon Brazer is the name of an old role playing character of mine, a Gangrel ghoul from a Vampire game. I live in New Jersey and I write role playing game material on a freelance basis. During the day, I work as an engineer and enjoy spending time with my wife.

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