Pathfinder: Play a Goblin

Released today from Jon Brazer Enterprises is the first in a new line of short pdf products. Player Races: High Goblins are designed to possess all the flavor of a goblin while still allow the players to not be underpowered when in a group of elves, humans, and other standard races. Best of all, High Goblins is free for everyone. We ask is that you tell us what you think of High Goblins. Would you be interested in similar variants of existing races rebalanced to be on part with core book races? We are considering variants of races such as kobolds, lizardfolk, minotaurs, demons/devils/celestials, vampires and more. But before we begin work on those, we want to know if you like the format of these races, do these races spark your interest, and would you like other races instead?

Download Player Races: High Goblins now at and

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