Pathfinder: Download Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus

Fight the Dark Side! For the game master, a new plane of peril—Shadowsfall. This level 5 Adventure takes your gaming party to the Plane of Shadows. The head of the local militia and her children are missing and only the characters can rescue them. In this introduction to Shadowsfall, challenge your adventurers to brave theContinue reading “Pathfinder: Download Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus”

Pathfinder: Download Book of the River Nations Wallpaper

All week long, Jon Brazer Enterprises is going to be sharing little sneak peaks about the Book of the River Nations: Complete Players Reference for Kingdom Building, order today at your local game store. Stop back at each day to find out what new and cool things you will find in the book. ForContinue reading “Pathfinder: Download Book of the River Nations Wallpaper”

Pathfinder: Play a Goblin

Released today from Jon Brazer Enterprises is the first in a new line of short pdf products. Player Races: High Goblins are designed to possess all the flavor of a goblin while still allow the players to not be underpowered when in a group of elves, humans, and other standard races. Best of all, HighContinue reading “Pathfinder: Play a Goblin”