Traveller: Warp Speed

Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons just hit store shelves and is about a week away from being released in PDF, but already we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are hard at work on planning the next in the line. One idea that keeps being floated around here is the idea of a TL 17-20ish, faster-than-light drive that enables the ship to pass through normal space. This type of drive draws its inspiration from Star Wars and Star Trek. Whether you call it a warp drive or a hyperdrive, mechanically these two systems work similar. Both are vulnerable to flying through meteor showers, can be pulled out of space due to entering a gravity well (enabling gravity well projector ships), and require less than a week when travelling at maximum warp. Additionally it allows for fleets of ships to travel in formation when linked together by a single ship’s warp system. These systems are so small, single-person fighters can have hyperspace capabilities. Download the ship now and check it out.

To this end, we will be releasing a single warp-capable ship on Monday. This is being released for $0.99, half as much as we normally release new short Mech Tech ‘n’ bot PDFs. We’re releasing this at half price because we want feedback. We want you to tell us if you like the idea. Take a look at the ship, compare it to ships published in other books and do you find the advantages of this kind of ship suitable for the type of game you want to run in your campaign. Then email us, leave a comment here or post a message on the official MGT forums. Please tell us whether you like this ship or if you think it is dumb. We want to know what you think.

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