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Traveller: Warp to a New Game

MTnb: Warp Ships 1Warp to a new game with Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Warp Ships 1. This presents three new ships each with full deck plans: the cargo-carrying Startrotter, the Starblazer missile destroyer, and the torpedo-carrying destroyer Novabringer.

Meet adventure on a new frontier of play today. Download Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Warp Ships 1 today at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and at d20PFSRD.

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Traveller: Tomorrow Starts Our Star Wars Day Sale

Have you been eyeing up our Traveller RPG books for some time but been putting it for another day. Well wait no longer. Tomorrow starts our Star Wars Day Sale. Grab all the titles your protocol droid has been talking nonstop about. At an R2 unit screaming 25% off, you can’t pass these up.  Get the fastest hunk of junk on the sector with Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Fighters and Small Ships or all the stats on monsters that swallow your guards in Creatures of Distant Worlds Compendium 1.

But what’s more, we’ll be selling print copies of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot:  Mech Squadrons direct from our website for 50% OFF and it includes the PDF FREE. How can you not step on Jar Jar with these deals!

So be here tomorrow before the Empire shoots down our rear deflector screen and grab these awesome Traveller titles! And May the Fourth Be With You!

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What’s Going On With JBE And Traveller

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know I have been talking alot about Pathfinder quite a bit lately and not much Traveller. You are probably asking yourself, “So has JBE dropped Traveller altogether? Is there any Traveller in your future?” The short answer is, we have not dropped Traveller, but we are in a hold at the moment.

Our strategy for a while now has been: one Traveller book, one Pathfinder book, repeat. With the launch of the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference to Kingdom Building, I was getting ready to work on my next Traveller book. We settled on it being a book of Warp Ships (with a working title of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Warp Speed). Early artwork has been purchased and I started laying out some deck plans. We were considering making some changes to the warp engine rules and were were even considering releasing the rules as an open playtest.

Then Mongoose announced Star Trek will be coming to the Traveller system.

While we’re thrilled about this, it is also a bit of a problem for us. You see if we did anything other than what Mongoose does, our ships will largely be viewed as “wrong.” We simply do not know if Mongoose will be going with the warp engine rules in the core book or not. While they may, they may customize them some. Plus there are other design choices that will going into that book that we would like to wait and see on. So after much discussion, we are taking a wait and see approach on our next Traveller book. Then we need to evaluate how much jives with existing OGL material and what we definitely cannot use. I don’t know precisely how long we will be waiting so we just ask for patience.

Our d66 line has been on hiatus for a while. Sales of the lists have slowed in recent months so we decided to give it a break for a few months and start it back in up in the fall. We’re guessing everyone has enough names for the time being and we’ll release more after we’ve given everyone a chance to use the names they already have.

So we will be quiet on the Traveller front for a while but we’re not gone. We’ll be back boldly going where no 3rd party publisher has gone before.

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Traveller: Warp Speed

Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons just hit store shelves and is about a week away from being released in PDF, but already we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are hard at work on planning the next in the line. One idea that keeps being floated around here is the idea of a TL 17-20ish, faster-than-light drive that enables the ship to pass through normal space. This type of drive draws its inspiration from Star Wars and Star Trek. Whether you call it a warp drive or a hyperdrive, mechanically these two systems work similar. Both are vulnerable to flying through meteor showers, can be pulled out of space due to entering a gravity well (enabling gravity well projector ships), and require less than a week when travelling at maximum warp. Additionally it allows for fleets of ships to travel in formation when linked together by a single ship’s warp system. These systems are so small, single-person fighters can have hyperspace capabilities. Download the ship now and check it out.

To this end, we will be releasing a single warp-capable ship on Monday. This is being released for $0.99, half as much as we normally release new short Mech Tech ‘n’ bot PDFs. We’re releasing this at half price because we want feedback. We want you to tell us if you like the idea. Take a look at the ship, compare it to ships published in other books and do you find the advantages of this kind of ship suitable for the type of game you want to run in your campaign. Then email us, leave a comment here or post a message on the official MGT forums. Please tell us whether you like this ship or if you think it is dumb. We want to know what you think.