Legend RPG: My First Cult, What Do You Think?

In my spare time (both seconds), I keep up to date on other RPGs. One that I’ve been following is the Legend RPG. I’m not sure if I should provide support for it. So please, tell me what you think. If there were a bunch of these together in one product, would you buy something like this? Are you looking for something different or presented a different way? Would you want these with NPCs? I’m sure you’d like to see custom spells/heroic abilities, but I didn’t want to go to far on my first attempt. Please leave your thoughts as a comment.

Bronze Star (Chivalric Martial Order)

While calling a member of the Bronze Star a heartless mercenary is not true, it is not far off. The Bronze Star exists to bring order to the varying mercenary bands that rove the country side. It serves to make contract negotiations more prosperous and passage between nations easier. Plus it helps to train its members to become better fighters.

The Bronze Star has a code of conduct that its members are sworn to uphold. This code includes: never fight another member of the Bronze Star in paid combat, do not turn a blind eye to someone being threatened, do not break local laws unless paid to do so, pay those that help you what they are owed, and obey the Grand Masters of the Bronze Star. Despite the sworn oath, there are few repercussions for failing to obey. Only paying what is owed and obeying the Grand Masters see significant action when members break these tenants. The other tenants exist for good public relations with hiring nations. A lord is more likely to hire a mercenary company had the company prevented his citizens from being eaten by trolls and kept good relations with local guards.

The single biggest service is that it provides schools to teach train military units. Members receive a discount for all training they receive at one of the Bronze Star fighting school. Knights are in charge of teaching new recruits the basics of weapon fighting. Knight Captains train new officers how to effectively order their units in battle. The Grand Masters train veteran officers and generals how to effectively run a war.

Payment in the Bronze Star is done by shares. The amount of money collected is divided by total number of shares of everyone in the Bronze Star’s actions plus the Bronze Star’s shares. The Bronze Star’s has a number of shares equal to half of all those participating in the military action (minimum 1).

Common Magic: Bladesharp, Heal, Protection, Strength

Heroic Abilities: Heroic Aura, Mighty Blow, Severing Slash


To be among the Men-at-Arms in the Bronze Star, characters must possess either a sword or spear style at 30%. Men-at-Arms are not official members of the Bronze Star but may join in a mercenary fight where Men-at-Arms are required and receive a payment. All Men-at-Arms each receive 1 share for their participation.


Squires are official members of the Bronze Star and are required to have a image of a bronze star on their armor at all times. This is typically stamped and painted onto metal armor or pinned onto cloth or leather armor. Most squires earn their money by adventuring although some routinely take part in sanctioned Bronze Star actions. All squires must have a sword or spear style at 50% and any four other order skills at 30%. Squires are each paid 3 shares.


Knights are the most recognizable members of the Bronze Star. With a large bronze star embedded into the middle of their armor, they are easily recognizable walking down a city street and on the battlefield. Being knighted requires slaying a known foe or monster, a sword or spear style of a minimum of 70% and four other order skills at 50%. All Knights receive 5 shares.

Knight Captain

Being a Knight Captain means being a deadly force on a battlefield. Minstrels sing songs of their battles and everyone in the region from kings to commoners has heard the Knight Captain’s name. The horse’s armor is decorated in Bronze Stars. A Knight Captain must have a sword or spear style at 90%, any four other order skills at 70%, the Teaching skill at 30%, and one of the order’s Heroic Abilities. Additionally the Knight Captain must be selected for promotion by the school’s Grand Master.

Grand Master

Each of the four Grand Masters is in charge of a fighting school. Although seldom involved in fighting directly, a Grand Master mainly stays with a king or general, orchestrating the war from afar. When a Grand Master enters battle, it is typically to lead the King’s forces because the Grand Master is more capable than the general. Grand Masters receive 20 shares for any military action they directly participate in. To be a Grand Master, the character must possess a sword or spear style at 110%, four other order skills at 90%, the Teaching skill at 50%, and any 2 of the Order’s Heroic Abilities. Once those are met, the potential Grand Master must defeat another Grand Master in a non-lethal single combat. There are only four Grand Masters at a time.

Order Skills

The Bronze Star offers training in : Common Magic, Evade, Resilience, Ride, Track, Any Lance Style, Any Spear style, Any Sword style, Long Bow style


3 thoughts on “Legend RPG: My First Cult, What Do You Think?

  1. I like it very much. I too would pay for a set of these. I’m very fond of your d66 products and find them quite useful in fantasy and modern games as well as in Traveller and other SF settings.

  2. I really like this, it is an area that needs to be developed for Legend. I want more please … will pay cash money!

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