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Christmas in July Sale

Deadly Delves Reign of Ruin (13th Age) Book of Beasts: Legendary Foes d66 Compendium Book of Heroic Races Compendium

Its that time of year again, the Christmas in July Sale at DriveThruRPG. This year has a brand new twist to it: print. Get 15% off ALL of Jon Brazer Enterprises’ Print Books.

Order the print version of these for under $10:

Our larger print book are also available at 15% off:

Are all your gaming book on your computer or tablet these days? Well, just about all of Jon Brazer Enterprises’ PDFs are 25% off:

All of these are available and much more at DriveThruRPG/ This sale won’t last forever so grab these awesome deals today.

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Sale: Its the Black Friday 10-Day Sale

Black Friday 10-Day SaleThis year, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are happy bring you our Black Friday Sale for 10 full days.

Whether you are playing Pathfinder, Traveller, 13th Age, or Legend, there is something here for you. Pathfinder GM’s can download anything in our Book of Beasts line or players can snag themselves some new spells from the Book of Magic series. Grab some new vehicles or ships for Traveller. Snag yourself some undead agents for your 13th Age game. Or join a cult with Legendary Factions.

Get some of our best titles for 40% off today at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow. Happy gaming.

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Jon Brazer Enterprises is Expanding

Jon Brazer Enterprises is looking to add two new permanent positions to our company: an Editor and a Hero Lab Programmer. These will not be full time positions nor will the pay be enough to be your sole source of income. But if you are looking to take the next step in the role playing market and be apart of a fun company that has print books sold in game stores on three continents, now is your chance.

Job Responsibilities: It is the editor’s job to take gaming material that is written and turn it into something both understandable by others and do so in a timely manner. Writing opportunities are also available.
Job Requirements: A four-year English degree or similar is strongly recommended. A stable internet connection is required. Ability to work with .doc and .docx files is also required. A strong familiarity with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game is required. A familiarity with the Pathfinder Campaign Setting is recommended.
Please send resumes in .doc or .docx format to this email address. Also please attach your edits to this blog post with track changes turned on.

Hero Lab Programmer
Job Responsibilities: It is the hero lab programmer’s job to take written gaming material and turn it into .user files. Writing opportunities are also available.
Job Requirements: A four-year Computer Science degree or similar is recommended. A stable internet connection is required. Experience programming in Hero Lab is required. A strong familiarity with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game is required. A familiarity with the Pathfinder Campaign Setting is recommended.
Please send resumes in .doc or .docx format to this email address. Also, please attach this monster as a .user file.

Face to face interviews will be conducted at PaizoCon or online via Skype.

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The Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Bundle

Available only from May 4th – May 18th 2012

The Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Pack is available for sale! With $235 worth of product and retailing for just $25, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better bargain than this.

Want another reason to get excited? All of the profits raised from the sale of this pack will go directly to The Wayne Foundation – a 501(3)c charitable organization dedicated to ending child prostitution.

This charity pack will get you a huge variety of amazing things! Complete RPG systems, books to supplement your D&D 4e, Pathfinder, Fate, G-core and other games, original character artwork, original short fiction and several full length novels! You will find months, if not years of entertainment right here, in several convenient, fairly huge .zip file just waiting for you to download!

What’s included RPGs and other tabletop games

Imperfekt Gammes
• Invulnerable – the Super Hero Roleplaying Game
Dilly Green Bean Games
• G-Core
Robert Bohl Games
• Misspent Youth
Naked Hobo Productions (G. Buettner)
• Mistrunner Core Rulebook
Buried Without Ceremony
• Perfect Unrevised
Wicked North Games
• Azamar
Melior Via
• Hope Prep #0: Orientation (ICONS)
NDP Design
• Annalise
Gypsy Knight Games
• Quick worlds #17 – Tal’Kalares (Traveller)
• Quick Worlds #18 – Era (Traveller)
• Quick Worlds #22 – Minerva (Traveller)
• Quick Worlds #23 – Ararat (Traveller)
Soultaker Studios
• Adversairies: The Triad (G-Core)
Evil Hat Productions
• Spirit of the Season (FATE)
Chaotic Shiny Productions
• Arcane Flavor (4e/GSL)
Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions
• Dynamo RPG
Brent P Newhall’s Musaeum
• Dark Sun Adventure: The Dark Festival (4e)
• Stronghold Adventure 1: Goblins of Summerkeep (4e)
• Stronghold Adventure 2: The Hobgoblins of Ravensport (4e)
• War in the Deep (4e)
• City of Talon (4e)
Jon Brazer Enterprises
• Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1 (Pathfinder)
• Riyal’s Research: Traps (Pathfinder)
• Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 (Legend/RuneQuest)

Ally Nauss
• Social Observance
Quinn Conklin
• Falcon Academy (Toys for the Sandbox) Exclusive

• Enter the Shadowside
Secret Fire Games
• The Secret Fire
Open Design/Kobold Quarterly
• Kobold Quarterly #17 (Pathfinder/OGL)
Purple Duck Games
• Random Encounters Remastered (Pathdinfer)
• Purple Mountain 1:
• Temple of the Locust Lord (Pathfinder)
Christopher Helton
• Dark Corners (FUDGE)
Troll in the Corner
• Argyle & Crew – Adventures in the Land of Skcos
• Argyle & Crew’s Little Book of Big Ideas
• Mi Gato se Incendia! (My Cat is on Fire!)
• Mirkmoot I & II (Pathfinder)
• World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies (Pathfinder)
• World of Aruneus – Orcs! (Pathfinder)
• World of Aruneus – Herbology (Pathfinder)
Posthuman Studios
• Eclipse Phase


Cate Dean
• Rest for the Wicked: The Claire Wiche Chronicles Book 1
Christopher Bunn
• The Tormay Trilogy
Tristan J. Tarwater
• Thieves at Heart
Dave King
• Betrovia
Benjamin Gerber
• Breakdown at Pervert Park


Ashe Rhyder

• Three original character pieces
Original Noir Photography
• 50 public domain Noir style-photographs

About the Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Pack

Organized by Benjamin Gerber from Troll in the Corner, this is the second year a group of generous independent game developers, artists and authors have come together to raise money for a great cause.

About The Wayne Foundation

The Wayne Foundation is committed to spreading awareness of CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) and building a rehabilitation facility for victims DMST (Domestic Minor Sexual Trafficking). We acknowledge that sexual trafficking victims can be of any age, nationality, or sex. Our primary objective is to assist female DMST victims in the United States, but in the future we would like to expand our programs to additionally serve male and adult sex trafficking victims.

We believe that all victims can be rehabilitated through a program that provides education assistance, mental and physical health services, housing, and a support staff who are dedicated to assisting these girls reach their full potential. It is our objective to aid these young women until they are capable of reentering society on their own as happy and healthy adults.

The Wayne Foundation’s vision is for a world without child slavery. Our mission is to provide young women who have fallen victim to commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking with a means of leaving the sex industry for good. The Wayne Foundation is committed to fighting human trafficking, child prostitution, & child sex exploitation one victim at a time by providing individuals with a safe home environment that will empower them with the tools they will need to stop the cycle of abuse. It is our intent to end commercial sex exploitation within the United States through direct victim assistance, public outreach, and by directly working with those who shape the policies and statutes which impact victims and their abusers.

Founder and President Jamie Walton invites you to join her and Wayne Foundation on twitter. Be sure to follow the official WF Twitter account @TheWayneFDN &  @JamieWalton We want to hear from YOU!

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[Legend] Book of Beasts: Legendary Monsters 1 Unleashed

Every Legendary game requires new Legendary Monsters for players to fight or befriend. you do not have time to come up with them all. Book of Beasts: Legendary Monsters 1 bring you 7 fully fleshed out monsters that you can torture your players with. These monsters, initially posted free on are bundled up together for easy reference for your and your players. Each includes strategies and unique abilities for you to surprise and challenge.

Download Book of Beasts: Legendary Monsters 1[/url][/b] today and make your game Legendary.

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Legend: Pygmy Sun Trolls

This week, I decided to bring you a monster that is more a variation on a theme than a new monster. I got the idea from an old D&D game I played in many years ago. The GM had lizardfolk the size of kobolds. They were fierce devils and I remember being very happy squashing them.

With that in mind, I bring you the Pygmy Sun Trolls. The first mental image I had of these guys is a character or two tied to a stake while these troll runts danced maniacally around them all the while the rest of the players are figuring out a plan to rescue their buddies.

Next moster we post we will be our 5th monster, but it will not be our fifth monster written. I’ve been working on several other monsters, as well. So when we collect these monsters up in one PDF (just like we did with, Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1, available now at, there will be some brand new monsters as well. Look for them in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this new monster.

Pygmy Sun Trolls

Highly tribal and fiercly territoral, pygmy sun trolls are about as big as a goblin and live on land. They do not fear the sun nor do they turn to stone from day light’s touch. However, these yellow tiny trolls still regenerate damage they sustain and smell of filth. It is not uncommon to see a dozen pygmy sun trolls at a time, most hunt in groups of four to six. They prefer to use a rope or chain or similar weapon where they can entangle their opponent and then bring it down, biting it to death.

These troll runts know their lack of strength and favor group fighting tactics to compensate. Typically, one of their number grapples an arm or the head while the others beat and bite their target to death. Fearing magic, pygmy sun trolls will gang up on anyone obviously wielding magic. If the magic user is powerful and there are enough pygmy sun trolls, three of these annoying creatures will grapple the caster: one for each arm and one on the head.

While not bright, the know how to make poison. And poison they do make. They specialize in making and delivering yellow muck poison. This thick, deadly substance is the same color as their skin and is the most deadly thing about their kind. They deliver this poison to their enemies with blowgun darts that they fire from hidden positions.

Combat Notes
Pygmy sun trolls make a poison with the following Characteristics:
Application: Injection
Onset time: 1d3 Combat Rounds.
Duration: 4d4 minutes.
Resistance Time: The victim must make a resistance roll at the Onsset Time of each stage of the poison. Failure indicates that Condition has taken effect.
Potency: 70%
Resistance: Resilience.
Conditions: Exhaustion, Unconscious. The poison initially causes the victim to exhausted if the first Resistance roll fails (see the Legend Core Rulebook). At the end of the Duration the victim must succeed in a final resistance roll or fall Unconscious for 2d4 hours.
Antidote/Cure: Antidote. Pygmy sun trolls keep an antidote with a potency of 1d20+5 against this poison only. They keep some around incase they accidental poisonong. The antidote must be introduced with a successful First Aid or Healing roll and add the antidote’s Potency as a bonus to the victim’s Resilience roll to fight the poison throughout its duration.

STR 2d6+3 (10) CON 2d6 (7) SIZ 2d6-1 (6) INT 1d6+2 (5) POW 2d6 (7) DEX 3d6+6 (17) CHA 2d6+2 (9)

1d20     Hit Location     AP/HP
1-3        Right Leg          1/3
4-6        Left Leg             1/3
7-9        Abdomen          1/4
10-12    Chest                1/5
13-15    Right Arm          1/2
16-18    Left Leg             1/2
19-20    Head                 1/3

Combat Actions             2
Damage Modifier            -1d2
Magic Points     7
Movement         4m
Strike Rank       +11
Typical Armor: Troll Hide (AP 1), no armor penalty
Traits: Regeneration (1 hp/minute, fire stops regeneration for 1 minute)

Skills: Athletics 35%, Evade 65%, Lore (poison) 85%, Perception 70%, Persistence 50%, Resilience 50%, Stealth 55%, Survival 80%, Unarmed 75%

Combat Styles
Bite 50%, Chain 65%, Blowgun 75%

Type          Size     Reach        Damage     AP/HP        Range
Bite            S          T                1d6-1d2       As for Head –
Chain          M         M               1d4-1d2       8/6              –
Blowgun      –           –                 see Poison  1/4              15m

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Legend: Looking for a Smaller Dragon?

One of the monsters more commonly I see requested is some type of dragon that does not require the players to be super humans to take on. Well, ask and you shall receive. This smaller dragon, we’re calling a wyvernling is usable in your campaign today. It is far less powerful than the legendary dragons which means that it your players will be far less likely to be digested in the dragon’s stomach. And today we even have a small piece of artwork for it. Enjoy.

As always, Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 is available at These factions will add new flavor to your game as well as provide plot hooks that you can enhance your world. Pick this up today.


Frequently described as being highly aggressive and tiny when compared to dragons, wyvernlings have far fewer similarities than most humans assume. Wyvernlings must walk along the ground or climb trees as they do not have wings. They are also far less powerful. On average, wyvernlings are as smart as humans but they are far less intelligent and magically gifted as their larger brethren. One thing they have in common with dragons is their mutual love for gold and riches. Wyvernlings, however, are far more aggressive in their persuit of wealth.

STR 5d6 (18) CON 4d6 (14) SIZ 2d6+6 (13) INT 2d6+6 (13) POW 3d6 (11) DEX 2d6+2 (9) CHA 3d6+2 (13)

1d20     Hit Location     AP/HP
1-2        Tail                   6/8
3-4        Right Hind Leg   6/6
5-6        Left Hind Leg     6/6
7-9        Hindquarters      6/7
10-12    Forequarters      6/8
13-15    Right Front Leg  6/6
16-18    Left Front Leg    6/6
19-20    Head                 6/6

Combat Actions             2
Damage Modifier            +1d4
Magic Points     11
Movement         9m/6m (climb)
Strike Rank       +11

Typical Armor: Scales (AP 6). No Armor Penalty
Traits: Breathe Flame (1d6, 1/hour), Dark Sight, Formidable Natural Weapons, Night Sight

Skills: Athletics 70%, Brawn 50%, Evade 60%, Evaluate 40%, Lore (Regional) 40%, Persistence 43%, Resilience 60%, Stealth 55%
Common Magic: Demoralize, Detect Gold

Combat Styles
Bite 60%, Claw 50%, Tail Bash 60%

Type          Size     Reach        Damage     AP/HP        Range
Bite            M         L                1d6+1d4      As for Head –
Claw           S          S                1d6+1d4      As for Leg   –
Tail Bash     M         L                1d4+1d4      As for Tail    –

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Legendary Factions now on your Phone, Tablet or Kindle

Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1
Good day,

Jon Brazer Enterprises is committed to bringing you the highest quality products. To this end, we included .mobi and .epub files of Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 for the Legend/RuneQuest RPG. This means you can now access Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 on your smartphone, iPhone, kindle, tablet, or iPad with ease.

We hope you enjoy these factions. Please let us know if you enjoy them in these formats.

Dale C. McCoy, Jr
Jon Brazer Enterprises

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Legend: Monsters of the River Nations: Addanc

As part of attempting to release a new monsters every week, we bring to you the Addanc. This is a cross between an alligator and a beaver. While it draws it stats from that of an alligator, it behaves more like it malicious, furry half. More important for this is that this is the first monster from the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations converted over for the Legend RPG. We plan to do more of these, if you are interested. Express your interest or your disinterest in the comments below.

And like last time, I would like to point you towards our first Legend book: Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1. This is the cumulation of the factions presented here on our website. We’d like to keep up this model of presenting the material for you first on our website and then putting it all together in a single product.

This monster possesses the form of a crocodile plus the fur of a beaver and the behavior of both.
The addanc is a solitary predator that builds dams to create small lakes. Once its territory is defined, anything that comes near to the lake or adjoining river becomes the addanc’s prey. The beast hunts by floating just under the surface of the water and waiting for its next meal to approach, at which point it attacks with a bone-crunching bite. With the prey held tight in its jaws, the addanc attempts to drag its quarry under the water. Both industrious and conniving, this monster possesses enough intelligence to wait for its prey to be the most vulnerable. Once it attacks, it goes immediately for the kill, giving its prey little chance to resist. It cares not for its prey; it cares only for its stomach.

Like the natural beaver’s lodge, an addanc’s lair can only be accessed from below the water’s surface. The structure is a truly gruesome scene. The creature uses the possessions and remains of its victims for decoration, and the stench of decay permeates the entire lair. The adjoining dam is composed of heavy tree branches and logs while long bones of larger prey are interspersed to shore the structure. A typical addanc lair is between ten and fifteen meters in diameter and rises about 5 meters above the surface of the water.

A typical addanc is 2.3 meters long and weighs 110 kilograms.

Swimming Grapple An addanc may swim at its full swim movement while grappling an opponent as long as the addanc succeeds an opposed swim check.

STR 4d6+12 (26) CON 4d6+8 (22) SIZ 4d6+12 (26) INT 2d6 (7) POW 3d6 (11) DEX 2d6 (7)

1d20     Hit Location     AP/HP
1-3        Tail                   5/9
4          Right Hind Leg   5/7
5          Left Hind Leg     5/7
6-9        Hindquarters      5/10
10-14    Forequarters      5/11
15         Right Front Leg  5/7
16         Left Front Leg    5/7
17-20    Head/Neck        5/9

Combat Actions             2
Damage Modifier            1d12
Magic Points     11
Movement         6m/10m (swim)
Strike Rank       +7
Typical Armor: Scales. No Armor Penalty.
Traits: Excellent Swimmer

Skills: Athletics 75%, Brawn 85%, Perception 48%, Persistence 55%, Resilience 72%, Stealth 50%, Swim 110%

Combat Styles
Bite 50%, Tail Bash 40%

Type          Size     Reach        Damage     AP/HP        Range
Bite            M         M               1d8+1d12    As for Head –
Tail Bash     L          L                1d4+1d12    As for Tail    –

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Legend: Download These New Factions Today

We’ve been publishing Legend factions on the web now for over a month. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we are glad to hear that you are enjoying these factions as much as we are having making them. We’ve gotten a few requests for these to be easily downloadable and now we are giving that to you. Today we uploaded our first Legend product to DriveThruRPG. Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 includes the four previously published factions as well as the last one below. We want to know if we should continue this style of publishing: us writing material, releasing it free on our website and then bundling it up in a PDF. If you have been enjoying these factions and you feel this kind of “try it before you buy it” publishing works for you, then we ask that you pick this up right away. Goto DriveThruRPG/ and download this compendium of factions.

The last of faction in this group is a sorcery order known as the Order of the Red Guard. This underground sorcery order masquerades around under a different name and guise to keep the less than favorable monarchy and public from exterminating them. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy this.

Order of the Red Guard (Sorcerer Order)

The order of the red guard tell of a day long ago when their order walked freely among their fellow men until one of their number used the order’s magic to torture over one hundred people and burn down several villages before she was stopped. The order continues its true mission, operating under the guise of being alchemists and designers of great works. This order is only called the order of red alchemy. Many know it has roots in the red guard, but few realize the red guard grimoire survives to this day.

The mission of the order remains the same: to understand ways to manipulate the world around them, to help those in need for the good of all and to seek out those willing, fit and responsible enough to learn magic. Today they must be more careful as to whom they invite to join the order. Novices are watched to insure they do not discover the order’s true identity too early. Those that do meet a sudden and accidental demise.

The order of red alchemy is known for its fiery mastery. They are called when a fire threatens the local area and when a fiery monster appears. Once a fight between a one of the order and a fiery creature erupt, the local flee since the amount of fire flying around tends to cause collateral damage. Additionally, it is customary to not watch one of the order’s magi fight since either the mage’s clothes burn off from the Firebody spell or the mage disrobes first, saving the garment for later wear. It is for this spell that order members are also considered fun to date.

Common Magic: Dragon’s Breath, Extinguish, Fireblade, Firebody, Ignite, Warmth

Sorcery Magic (Red Guard Grimoire): Animate (Fire), Banish, Damage Resistance, Protective Ward, Smother, Wrack


Novices must be chosen by one of the order’s magi or archmagi. Each magi or archmagi is allowed to choose with whatever criteria they desire, however many look for a strong intelligence and magical aptitude. Someone offered to join the order may refuse, but they are never asked a second time. No novice is told the order’s true name or is shown the red guard grimoire. Manipulation and Sorcery (red guard grimoire) are never taught to novices since the true nature of the order is kept from them.


The test to become an apprentice involves the extinguishing of a fire with no water. Additionally a potential apprentice must possess Lore (alchemy) and any two other order skills at 30%. While the Extinguish spell is commonly learned before one tests, it is not required. Once this test is passed, an apprentice is told the true identity of the order and magical training begins.


Adepts are also called firebearers since none are taught the Firebody spell any earlier. These Red Guardians are expected to take part in designing and overseeing construction of larger works. While the magi and archmagi cast the spells, adepts typically keep prying eyes away from the actual casting. An apprentice is considered to be elevated to adept when his Engineering and Sorcery (Red Guard Grimoire) and any three other order skills are at 50%. After mastering two of the order’s sorcery spells and three of the common magic spells, they apprentice is tested by creating as much fire as possible without sorcery while at least three novices testing to become apprentices attempt to put it out that same fire without water; whoever does better (the to-be-apprentices or the to-be-adept) receives the promotion.


Becoming a mage has more to do with being friendly with the archmagi over skill. While few become magi without having five guild skills 70% (two of which being Manipulation and Sorcery (Red Grim Grimoire)), mastering four of the order’s sorcery spells and all of the order’s common magic, such elevation has happened in the past. Loyalty and a willingness to carry out order’s bidding have triggered such elevations previously. Three of the current order’s magi attained such a level by taking part in great construction efforts and having gone above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions. One mage is said to have killed one of the monarch’s family who discovered the order’s secret, but that is largely considered a rumor.


The three archmagi lead the order and take responsibility for seeing its continuation. Archmage Jefall disagrees discreetly with the other two, seeking to expand the order and push for its wide public acceptance. He advocates for charging the kingdom they protect with favors aimed at increasing the order’s popularity. While the other two see wisdom in his words, they do not want to take such bold action. Unbeknownst to the other archmagi, Jefall is planning to take matters into his own hands by hiring those that may cause havoc on the land just so the order would look like heroes.

Order Skills

The order offer training the in the following skills: Common Magic, Engineering, Evaluate, Lore (alchemy), Manipulation, Perception, Persistence, Sorcery (Red Guard Grimoire), any Dirk style.

New Common Spell

Duration 5, Magnitude 4, Progressive, Touch

The creature touched becomes engulfed in flames but is not harmed by these flames. For the duration of the spell, the creature will deal an extra 1d6 points of magical fire damage atop of any damage dealt from a natural weapon. Creatures and objects that touch the engulfed creature or strike the engulfed creature with natural weapons sustain 1d6 points of magical fire damage. A creature under the effects of Firebody cannot benefit from other damage enhancing spells.

Download Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 at DriveThruRPG/ today!