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Legend: Download These New Factions Today

We’ve been publishing Legend factions on the web now for over a month. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we are glad to hear that you are enjoying these factions as much as we are having making them. We’ve gotten a few requests for these to be easily downloadable and now we are giving that to you. Today we uploaded our first Legend product to DriveThruRPG. Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 includes the four previously published factions as well as the last one below. We want to know if we should continue this style of publishing: us writing material, releasing it free on our website and then bundling it up in a PDF. If you have been enjoying these factions and you feel this kind of “try it before you buy it” publishing works for you, then we ask that you pick this up right away. Goto DriveThruRPG/ and download this compendium of factions.

The last of faction in this group is a sorcery order known as the Order of the Red Guard. This underground sorcery order masquerades around under a different name and guise to keep the less than favorable monarchy and public from exterminating them. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy this.

Order of the Red Guard (Sorcerer Order)

The order of the red guard tell of a day long ago when their order walked freely among their fellow men until one of their number used the order’s magic to torture over one hundred people and burn down several villages before she was stopped. The order continues its true mission, operating under the guise of being alchemists and designers of great works. This order is only called the order of red alchemy. Many know it has roots in the red guard, but few realize the red guard grimoire survives to this day.

The mission of the order remains the same: to understand ways to manipulate the world around them, to help those in need for the good of all and to seek out those willing, fit and responsible enough to learn magic. Today they must be more careful as to whom they invite to join the order. Novices are watched to insure they do not discover the order’s true identity too early. Those that do meet a sudden and accidental demise.

The order of red alchemy is known for its fiery mastery. They are called when a fire threatens the local area and when a fiery monster appears. Once a fight between a one of the order and a fiery creature erupt, the local flee since the amount of fire flying around tends to cause collateral damage. Additionally, it is customary to not watch one of the order’s magi fight since either the mage’s clothes burn off from the Firebody spell or the mage disrobes first, saving the garment for later wear. It is for this spell that order members are also considered fun to date.

Common Magic: Dragon’s Breath, Extinguish, Fireblade, Firebody, Ignite, Warmth

Sorcery Magic (Red Guard Grimoire): Animate (Fire), Banish, Damage Resistance, Protective Ward, Smother, Wrack


Novices must be chosen by one of the order’s magi or archmagi. Each magi or archmagi is allowed to choose with whatever criteria they desire, however many look for a strong intelligence and magical aptitude. Someone offered to join the order may refuse, but they are never asked a second time. No novice is told the order’s true name or is shown the red guard grimoire. Manipulation and Sorcery (red guard grimoire) are never taught to novices since the true nature of the order is kept from them.


The test to become an apprentice involves the extinguishing of a fire with no water. Additionally a potential apprentice must possess Lore (alchemy) and any two other order skills at 30%. While the Extinguish spell is commonly learned before one tests, it is not required. Once this test is passed, an apprentice is told the true identity of the order and magical training begins.


Adepts are also called firebearers since none are taught the Firebody spell any earlier. These Red Guardians are expected to take part in designing and overseeing construction of larger works. While the magi and archmagi cast the spells, adepts typically keep prying eyes away from the actual casting. An apprentice is considered to be elevated to adept when his Engineering and Sorcery (Red Guard Grimoire) and any three other order skills are at 50%. After mastering two of the order’s sorcery spells and three of the common magic spells, they apprentice is tested by creating as much fire as possible without sorcery while at least three novices testing to become apprentices attempt to put it out that same fire without water; whoever does better (the to-be-apprentices or the to-be-adept) receives the promotion.


Becoming a mage has more to do with being friendly with the archmagi over skill. While few become magi without having five guild skills 70% (two of which being Manipulation and Sorcery (Red Grim Grimoire)), mastering four of the order’s sorcery spells and all of the order’s common magic, such elevation has happened in the past. Loyalty and a willingness to carry out order’s bidding have triggered such elevations previously. Three of the current order’s magi attained such a level by taking part in great construction efforts and having gone above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions. One mage is said to have killed one of the monarch’s family who discovered the order’s secret, but that is largely considered a rumor.


The three archmagi lead the order and take responsibility for seeing its continuation. Archmage Jefall disagrees discreetly with the other two, seeking to expand the order and push for its wide public acceptance. He advocates for charging the kingdom they protect with favors aimed at increasing the order’s popularity. While the other two see wisdom in his words, they do not want to take such bold action. Unbeknownst to the other archmagi, Jefall is planning to take matters into his own hands by hiring those that may cause havoc on the land just so the order would look like heroes.

Order Skills

The order offer training the in the following skills: Common Magic, Engineering, Evaluate, Lore (alchemy), Manipulation, Perception, Persistence, Sorcery (Red Guard Grimoire), any Dirk style.

New Common Spell

Duration 5, Magnitude 4, Progressive, Touch

The creature touched becomes engulfed in flames but is not harmed by these flames. For the duration of the spell, the creature will deal an extra 1d6 points of magical fire damage atop of any damage dealt from a natural weapon. Creatures and objects that touch the engulfed creature or strike the engulfed creature with natural weapons sustain 1d6 points of magical fire damage. A creature under the effects of Firebody cannot benefit from other damage enhancing spells.

Download Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 at DriveThruRPG/ today!

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Legend: Nightfire Cult

This week, for our Free Legend Faction is the Nightfire cult. This one is more of a traditional adventuring campaign where all the characters are in a single cult. You should notice influences from the Lord of the Rings, Babylon 5, and other types of heroic organizations. We hope you enjoy this. As always, please give us any constructive criticism you may have. We would love to hear it.

Nightfire Cult (Cult)

Few outside of the cult itself and academic circles recognize the Nightfire Cult as an actual cult. Most believe them to be a martial order or a band of thieves or others of ill repute. However the members of the Nightfire Cult, or Torchbearers as they call themselves, know their deity to be true. They worship Weneg, a little known deity that supports the sun god by watching at night, guarding against the chaos that can befall civilization from the dark places.

The Nightfire Cult mostly attracts from two groups of people: outcasts and those that have personally experienced the dark forces in their lives. Street urchins, children of disgraced warriors and others that through no fault of their own found themselves outcast by civilization and unable to live a life of peace find mutual respect and the ability to make a difference for good within the Nightfire Cult. The other major group consists of those that have lost a loved one or have had their home destroyed or had their lives shattered by creature of chaos or some kind of beastman or other deadly monster. It is a drive and passion of this magnitude that the Nightfire Cult requires to handle the universal rejection by most civilized folk while still defending them with little to no recognition.

The tenets of the Nightfire Cult are simple: Protect those that cannot protect themselves. Fight the forces of chaos no matter what form they take. Stand between the darkness of chaos and the light of civilization. Trust in your fellow torchbearers with your life. Worship Weneg for he gives you purpose.

Torchbearers almost never enter cities. While it is not taboo, many of the members do not want to return to a place that ostracized them. Most stay close to small villages or live in makeshift huts in the forest.

Weneg does not have temples dedicated to him but instead has small shrines in the woods or other remote places. The cult, also, does not possess an overarching hierarchy. A priest of a Nightfire cell can climb no higher in status. Most cells possess only one priest at a time, but it is not unheard of for a cell to have 4 priests. This generally occurs when a fire team rises to the rank of priest together over the years of fighting the darkness.

Many from governors to peasants tend to have a negative view of the Nightfire Cult. Members of this cult are rarely seen by city folk except when something goes horribly wrong. Whether they failed to stop a horde of barbarians or a creature of chaos burned a place down, the Nightfire Cult is always around when there is trouble from the less civilized lands. As a result they tend to receive the blame for the trouble caused, when in reality the Nightfire Cult weakened the trouble-causing monster enough to allow it to be stopped by the city guard. Most members of the cult accept this negative attitude as part of what is required of them for their faith. However, lightly-protected areas such as rural towns and lone homes tend to have a much more positive attitude towards the Nightfire Cult since the Torchbearers are the frequently the only defense there is against the dangers of the land. Rural folk frequently give the Torchbearers needed medical aid and supplies to continue their holy mission.

Common Magic: Clear Path, Detect Enemy, Endurance, Light, Mobility

Divine Magic: Dismiss Elemental, Heal Wound, Sureshot


The first thing an initiate is to learn is survival for if an initiate torchbearer cannot survive on his own, the Nightfire Cult will have to protect him instead of others. A Tourchbearer must possess Survival, Shortbow style, and any three other cult skills at 30%. Initiates must also know at least one of the cult’s common magic spells. An initiate is never allowed on missions alone. He generally travels with anywhere from two to six other initiates in a single fire team. For more dangerous missions, a fire team will include a ranger or an acolyte.


A Torchbearer has proven he can survive on his own and now can be hired for simple work alone such as a guide through a dangerous forest. While a ranger is allowed on missions alone, it is rare. More frequently, a ranger works in groups of two or three others. Fire teams of rangers are rarer but they do happen. A ranger is to focus on knowledge fore a ranger must know its enemy before he can properly defeat it. An initiate wishing to become a ranger must possess Lore (Regional), Shortbow style, Survival and three other cult skills at 50%. Ranger must also possess a minimum of 1 POW dedicated to Weneg must know at least two common magic spells.


Acolytes are also knows as guardians. It is not uncommon for an acolype to stand on a bridge forbidding its enemy to pass until the acolyte is dead. Acolytes frequently work alone for most situations but are known to work in fire teams for larger missions. Being an acolyte is about dedication. To show their sacrifice, a minimum of 4 POW must be dedicated to Weneg. Additionally, an acolyte must possess Lore (Regional), Shortbow style, Survival plus three other cult skills at 70%. Lastly an acolyte must know three of the cult’s common magic spells.


Being a priest is about standing up to the greatest of threats. A priest must stand up to a great and terrible monster bent on mass death and destruction and live. While defeating the monster is the most common outcome, it is not required. Simply standing up to it and surviving is what is important. Priests that have survived fights without defeating the monster typically provide others with enough time to escape. A priest of Weneg once talked a dragon out of a burning a city to the ground. His actions allowed the people a chance to escape. Unfortunately that priest was killed by the very people he saved for not killing the dragon when he had a chance. All priests must dedicate 7 POW to Weneg, know all the cult’s common spells and have a total of 6 cult skills at 90%. Three of those skills must be Lore (regional), Shortbow Style, and Survival.

Cult Skills

Nightfire Cult offer training the in the following skills: Athletics, Common Magic, Evade, Lore (Regional), Pact (Weneg), Perception, Shortbow style, Survival,Track.

For the Nightfire cult, all Divine Magic has a minimum of Ranger level.

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Legend: Sereana’s Swimmers

I’ve been a fan of Heather Dale‘s music for pretty much the whole of of my adult life. I stumbled upon her music while in college and was hooked. However it wasn’t until recently that I really picking up CDs/mp3s of her music more than just the first few I discovered those many years ago. One of those songs is about an Inuit deity (Native American tribe residing in Canada) named Sedna. I was listening to this song again recently and I decided to write a Legend faction dedicated to the worship of Sedna. Instead of just making the priestly order, I created a guild of swimmers that hunt for their food. All the while I was listening to the song to help inspiration. I also changed the name from Sedna to Sereana simply because I do not want to offend any Inuit or Canadians that may be reading this. I took several artistic liberties and as such decided to change the name. However, the inspiration from Sedna should be quite evident to those familiar with the mythology.

You can listen to the song on this podcast by going here. Find more of Heather Dale’s music at

Today, I’m trying my first attempt at a Legend creature (a seal) and a Heroic Ability. And as always, please let us know of what you think of this faction and any constructive criticism you may have. I hope you enjoy it.

Sereana’s Swimmers (Guild)

The cult of Sereana only permits those born to a priest or priestess to enter the goddess’s cult. They are in charge of swimming deep into the sea to comb the hair of their deity. Her followers, however, largely consist of those that swim the deep waters hunting the animals in the freezing waters hunting food. The guild of Sereana’s Swimmers exists to make offerings to their goddess before and after a hunt and determine who can join the hunts. The guild does not permit hunting in their territorial waters except for approved and tested swimmers.

Each station is named after the animals that the guildsman may hunt. To reach the higher stations, the guildsman, or swimmers as they are called, must prove their worth with a test of his skill. Typically this test ends with the swimmer killing an animal singlehandedly.

Many shark and whale swimmers have long since established their own underwater holds of silver or other valuables. These tend to be in underwater caves or difficult-to-spot nooks in reefs. It is said that many of these swimmers died with none aware of their lost fortune’s location.

Anyone desiring to be a fisher in the areas where Sereana’s worship is plentiful joins the guild. Some join out of devotion to the goddess but most become swimmers simply to gain access to the plentiful fishing waters. However, those that join the guild for easier access to these waters tend to be just as zealous about keeping non-guild members from their territorial waters. This keeps the number of fishers down and the profits of the swimmers high.

The current guild leadership will do whatever it takes to make the goddess happy. Mostly this involves offering regular sacrifices. The most typical of sacrifices include the killing of some fish caught in the sea in a special ceremony. Before hunting shark, the swimmers must draw some blood from their bodies and place a few drops in the sea. However, the cult of Sereana has been asking more of the guild as of late. There have been some lynchings of those accused of angering the goddess. None in the guild know for sure if this is the case, but the cult of Sereana said it was true so the guild members followed. There are rumors of guild members being told to burn ships in neighboring villages that were never seen near Sereana’s waters. To date, there is no member of the guild nor the guild itself stepping up to confirm these tales.

Heroic Abilities: Seal Swimmer

Common Magic: Beast Call (seal), Light, Water Breath

River Fish

To become a river fish, the swimmer must possess Swim and three other guild skills at 30% or more and swim upstream after a heavy rain (-10% situational modifier for terrain) and spear a fish. The swimmer is now allowed to join any river based hunts.

Sea Fish

Before testing to be a sea fish, the swimmer must possess Swim, any Spear style and two other guild skills at a minimum of 50%. The test involves the sea fisher being taken into the territorial fishing sea, sent in the sea with only a spear and swimming to shore with a speared fish.


In some communities where the worship of Sereana is particularly strong, the test to become a Seal is almost seen as a rite of passage to become one of the area’s elders and more respected members. Besides possessing Swim, any Spear style and two other guild skills at 70%, those testing to become Seal swimmers must swim out into the ocean, cast a Beast Call (seal) spell, kill the seal and make a lone offering to Sereana in the ocean.


When a swimmer attempts the shark test, the swimmer must possess Swim, any spear style and 4 other guild skills at 90% or higher plus Beast Call (seal) and one other guild spells must be known. The test involves the swimmer being boated out to shark-infested waters, killing a shark and returning with a tooth from its mouth.


No one has ever attempted the test of the whale alone; most test three or four at a time. Testers must sail out to see, dive below the water’s surface, swim to where an orca is known to reside, kill it with only their handheld spears, secure it to ship and sail it home. Additionally, a swimmer attempting to become a whale must possess Brawn, Shiphandling, Swim, any Spear style and any 2 other guild skills at 100%. All 3 guild spells must be known. There is no limit to the number of Whales there can be at any point in time. Currently, there is one fishing town with 6 whales. No one whales are currently alive.

Guild Skills

Sereana’s Swimmers offer training the in the following skills: Boating, Brawn, Healing, Resilience, Shiphandling, Survival, Swim, any Spear style.


Seal Swimmer

Requirements: Con 17 or higher, Swim 90% or higher.

Hero Points: 8

Duration: One hour or if in combat, a number of melee rounds equal to CON

You have spent considerable time in the sea’s waters and are adept at navigating them. You double your swim speed and you may ignore any and all swim based situational modifiers for terrain. Situational modifiers from other sources still apply (such as from the weather). You may only use Seal Swimmer if not Overloaded, Exhausted or Debilitated.



STR 1d6+3 (7), CON 1d6+1 (5), SIZ 1d6+3 (7), INT 4 (4), POW 2d6+1 (8), DEX 4d6 (14)

1D20 Hit Location AP/HP

1-3 Right Hind Leg 2/3

4-6 Left Hind Leg 2/3

7-9 Hindquarters 2/4

10-12 Forequarters 2/5

13-15 Right Front Leg 2/3

16-18 Left Front Leg 2/3

19-20 Head 2/3

CA 1 (2 in water), DM -1d4, MP 8, Movement 3m (12 m swim), Strike Rank +9

Typical Armor: Fur and blubber. No Armor Penalty.

Traits: Evasion (in water only), Excellent Swimmer

Skills: Athletics 25%, Evade 14% (in water 60%), Perception 20%, Persistence 16%, Resilience 10%, Swim 70%

Combat Style Bite 26%


Type Size Reach Damage AP/HP Range

Bite S T 1D6-1D4 As for Head —

On land, seals lose 1 CA and basic evade is calculated by Dex x 1. Seals have a powerful bite, requiring a 1d6+DM for damage.

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Legend: The Cult of the Black Crow

Last week I tried my hand at my first Legend faction. I received some good feedback and I am trying again. I know you are looking for a custom heroic ability or spell to go with the faction, but I want more practice in private before showing off any attempts in that direction in public. Again, we appreciate any constructive feedback you may have.
EDIT: I’ve made some changes due to reader feedback (including the name itself)

Cult of the White Raven (Divine Cult)
Morrigan is considered the Protective Mother of the World by those that follower her. In artwork she is frequently depicted as a beautiful woman, an ugly hag or a white raven, and it is said she can transform herself between the three forms. While there are stories of her protecting her loved ones in battle, she is more known for whispering in the ear of those about to go to war, whether to stop or encourage the fight is unknown.
The goddess’s followers consist mostly of women. Men are allowed to join the Cult of the White Raven and can even become an acolyte. However, men cannot advance higher than that station. The role of priest and high priest are only for women.
Publicly, the Cult of the White Raven tells its followers to be peacemakers and to help smooth other hostilities. There are whispers the cult encourages fights between groups the cult does not like in the hopes their enemies will weaken each other. Cult cells with affluent members or those near major centers of political importance frequently earn their money as spies for hire (and for the cult itself). Cult shrines in smaller locations that possess few wealthy backers tend to serve as a brothel.
The most influential of Morrigan’s current high priestesses, Bridgatia the Long Feather, has been more active than her predecessors in seeking out blackmail. Her spies pay well for their information and use that information to influence the slave trade. On a more local level, they help men, women or children in abusive situations get help and sometimes even get their freedom. Some say that Bridgatia wants to make the Cult the only source of “entertainment” within her reach. Many that have been freed because of the Cult’s actions fully believe that the high priestess wants to end cruelty towards women and those unable to stand up for themselves.
Most of Morrigan’s worshipers consist of those that feel they owe a debt of loyalty to the goddess for their freedom. Other worshipers are those that want to help those in need in a quieter way than fighting. Some prostitutes and courtesan come to the Cult of the White Raven of their own accord, mostly desiring to help make a difference. The Cult helps them advance in their position, giving them greater access to information and ways to influence the larger world.
Divine Magic: Aphrodisiac, Beast Form (raven), Disarm, Fear, Shield
Lay Members
A Lay Member is anyone that worships a shrine to Morrigan. A male Lay Member must make a monthly offering to the Cult of the White Raven worth at least 5 CP or must service cult customers for one day every month. Female Lay Members are not required to service cult customers but may do so and receive payment for their time. Additionally, female Lay Members and rescued male Lay Members are permitted to turn down customers to the cult for any reason.
Initiates must have Perception at a minimum of 40%, Seduction at a minimum of 25% and three other cult skills at a minimum of 30%. They must all dedicate at least 1 POW to their Pact with Morrigan. Initiates are expected to serve as the cult’s seductive spies and must serve the cult for at least one spying mission each month lasting up to three days.
White Raven Acolytes are the Cult’s eyes and ears. Acolytes are called upon for spying missions for a full week each month and are expected to help manage the Lay Members’ work. Acolytes must have uncovered a minimum of three substantial secrets during their spying operations, dedicated at least 3 POW to their Pact with Morrigan, have their Perception skill at a minimum of 60%, and Pact, Seduction and any three other cult skills of at least 50%.
Only women can ascend to be a White Raven Priestess. Priestesses are expected to oversee brothel and the spy network activities as well as conduct ceremonies. Few Priestesses perform spying missions. Instead Priestesses trade their services for Influence, whether for the Cult’s benefit or the benefit of one of its customers. An Acolyte cannot ascend to the Priesthood until the Acolyte influences a change in an organization. This change can be getting someone appointed to a significant position, altering a business’s operations within the region, or similar. Also, Priestesses must dedicate a minimum of 5 POW to their Pact with Morrigan, must have their Influence, Pact, Seduction and any three other cult skills at a minimum of 80%.
High Priestesses
Each High Priestess of the White Raven Cult serves as a dedicated concubine to a powerful ruler. They routinely alter and even initiate treaties and major agreements. To become a High Priestess, a Priestess must, with her skill and magic alone, stop a war that was not directly started the Cult of the White Raven. High Priestesses must dedicated 7 POW to their Pact with Morrigan and possess five cult skills at 100%. Three of those cult skills must be Influence, Pact and Seduction.
Cult Skills
The Cult of the White Raven offers training the in the following skills. Pact is mandatory as one of the five skills for joining and advancing within the cult: Courtesy, Influence, Insight, Pact (Morrigan), Perception, Persistence, Seduction, any Dagger style.

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Legend RPG: My First Cult, What Do You Think?

In my spare time (both seconds), I keep up to date on other RPGs. One that I’ve been following is the Legend RPG. I’m not sure if I should provide support for it. So please, tell me what you think. If there were a bunch of these together in one product, would you buy something like this? Are you looking for something different or presented a different way? Would you want these with NPCs? I’m sure you’d like to see custom spells/heroic abilities, but I didn’t want to go to far on my first attempt. Please leave your thoughts as a comment.

Bronze Star (Chivalric Martial Order)

While calling a member of the Bronze Star a heartless mercenary is not true, it is not far off. The Bronze Star exists to bring order to the varying mercenary bands that rove the country side. It serves to make contract negotiations more prosperous and passage between nations easier. Plus it helps to train its members to become better fighters.

The Bronze Star has a code of conduct that its members are sworn to uphold. This code includes: never fight another member of the Bronze Star in paid combat, do not turn a blind eye to someone being threatened, do not break local laws unless paid to do so, pay those that help you what they are owed, and obey the Grand Masters of the Bronze Star. Despite the sworn oath, there are few repercussions for failing to obey. Only paying what is owed and obeying the Grand Masters see significant action when members break these tenants. The other tenants exist for good public relations with hiring nations. A lord is more likely to hire a mercenary company had the company prevented his citizens from being eaten by trolls and kept good relations with local guards.

The single biggest service is that it provides schools to teach train military units. Members receive a discount for all training they receive at one of the Bronze Star fighting school. Knights are in charge of teaching new recruits the basics of weapon fighting. Knight Captains train new officers how to effectively order their units in battle. The Grand Masters train veteran officers and generals how to effectively run a war.

Payment in the Bronze Star is done by shares. The amount of money collected is divided by total number of shares of everyone in the Bronze Star’s actions plus the Bronze Star’s shares. The Bronze Star’s has a number of shares equal to half of all those participating in the military action (minimum 1).

Common Magic: Bladesharp, Heal, Protection, Strength

Heroic Abilities: Heroic Aura, Mighty Blow, Severing Slash


To be among the Men-at-Arms in the Bronze Star, characters must possess either a sword or spear style at 30%. Men-at-Arms are not official members of the Bronze Star but may join in a mercenary fight where Men-at-Arms are required and receive a payment. All Men-at-Arms each receive 1 share for their participation.


Squires are official members of the Bronze Star and are required to have a image of a bronze star on their armor at all times. This is typically stamped and painted onto metal armor or pinned onto cloth or leather armor. Most squires earn their money by adventuring although some routinely take part in sanctioned Bronze Star actions. All squires must have a sword or spear style at 50% and any four other order skills at 30%. Squires are each paid 3 shares.


Knights are the most recognizable members of the Bronze Star. With a large bronze star embedded into the middle of their armor, they are easily recognizable walking down a city street and on the battlefield. Being knighted requires slaying a known foe or monster, a sword or spear style of a minimum of 70% and four other order skills at 50%. All Knights receive 5 shares.

Knight Captain

Being a Knight Captain means being a deadly force on a battlefield. Minstrels sing songs of their battles and everyone in the region from kings to commoners has heard the Knight Captain’s name. The horse’s armor is decorated in Bronze Stars. A Knight Captain must have a sword or spear style at 90%, any four other order skills at 70%, the Teaching skill at 30%, and one of the order’s Heroic Abilities. Additionally the Knight Captain must be selected for promotion by the school’s Grand Master.

Grand Master

Each of the four Grand Masters is in charge of a fighting school. Although seldom involved in fighting directly, a Grand Master mainly stays with a king or general, orchestrating the war from afar. When a Grand Master enters battle, it is typically to lead the King’s forces because the Grand Master is more capable than the general. Grand Masters receive 20 shares for any military action they directly participate in. To be a Grand Master, the character must possess a sword or spear style at 110%, four other order skills at 90%, the Teaching skill at 50%, and any 2 of the Order’s Heroic Abilities. Once those are met, the potential Grand Master must defeat another Grand Master in a non-lethal single combat. There are only four Grand Masters at a time.

Order Skills

The Bronze Star offers training in : Common Magic, Evade, Resilience, Ride, Track, Any Lance Style, Any Spear style, Any Sword style, Long Bow style