Legend: The Cult of the Black Crow

Last week I tried my hand at my first Legend faction. I received some good feedback and I am trying again. I know you are looking for a custom heroic ability or spell to go with the faction, but I want more practice in private before showing off any attempts in that direction in public. Again, we appreciate any constructive feedback you may have.
EDIT: I’ve made some changes due to reader feedback (including the name itself)

Cult of the White Raven (Divine Cult)
Morrigan is considered the Protective Mother of the World by those that follower her. In artwork she is frequently depicted as a beautiful woman, an ugly hag or a white raven, and it is said she can transform herself between the three forms. While there are stories of her protecting her loved ones in battle, she is more known for whispering in the ear of those about to go to war, whether to stop or encourage the fight is unknown.
The goddess’s followers consist mostly of women. Men are allowed to join the Cult of the White Raven and can even become an acolyte. However, men cannot advance higher than that station. The role of priest and high priest are only for women.
Publicly, the Cult of the White Raven tells its followers to be peacemakers and to help smooth other hostilities. There are whispers the cult encourages fights between groups the cult does not like in the hopes their enemies will weaken each other. Cult cells with affluent members or those near major centers of political importance frequently earn their money as spies for hire (and for the cult itself). Cult shrines in smaller locations that possess few wealthy backers tend to serve as a brothel.
The most influential of Morrigan’s current high priestesses, Bridgatia the Long Feather, has been more active than her predecessors in seeking out blackmail. Her spies pay well for their information and use that information to influence the slave trade. On a more local level, they help men, women or children in abusive situations get help and sometimes even get their freedom. Some say that Bridgatia wants to make the Cult the only source of “entertainment” within her reach. Many that have been freed because of the Cult’s actions fully believe that the high priestess wants to end cruelty towards women and those unable to stand up for themselves.
Most of Morrigan’s worshipers consist of those that feel they owe a debt of loyalty to the goddess for their freedom. Other worshipers are those that want to help those in need in a quieter way than fighting. Some prostitutes and courtesan come to the Cult of the White Raven of their own accord, mostly desiring to help make a difference. The Cult helps them advance in their position, giving them greater access to information and ways to influence the larger world.
Divine Magic: Aphrodisiac, Beast Form (raven), Disarm, Fear, Shield
Lay Members
A Lay Member is anyone that worships a shrine to Morrigan. A male Lay Member must make a monthly offering to the Cult of the White Raven worth at least 5 CP or must service cult customers for one day every month. Female Lay Members are not required to service cult customers but may do so and receive payment for their time. Additionally, female Lay Members and rescued male Lay Members are permitted to turn down customers to the cult for any reason.
Initiates must have Perception at a minimum of 40%, Seduction at a minimum of 25% and three other cult skills at a minimum of 30%. They must all dedicate at least 1 POW to their Pact with Morrigan. Initiates are expected to serve as the cult’s seductive spies and must serve the cult for at least one spying mission each month lasting up to three days.
White Raven Acolytes are the Cult’s eyes and ears. Acolytes are called upon for spying missions for a full week each month and are expected to help manage the Lay Members’ work. Acolytes must have uncovered a minimum of three substantial secrets during their spying operations, dedicated at least 3 POW to their Pact with Morrigan, have their Perception skill at a minimum of 60%, and Pact, Seduction and any three other cult skills of at least 50%.
Only women can ascend to be a White Raven Priestess. Priestesses are expected to oversee brothel and the spy network activities as well as conduct ceremonies. Few Priestesses perform spying missions. Instead Priestesses trade their services for Influence, whether for the Cult’s benefit or the benefit of one of its customers. An Acolyte cannot ascend to the Priesthood until the Acolyte influences a change in an organization. This change can be getting someone appointed to a significant position, altering a business’s operations within the region, or similar. Also, Priestesses must dedicate a minimum of 5 POW to their Pact with Morrigan, must have their Influence, Pact, Seduction and any three other cult skills at a minimum of 80%.
High Priestesses
Each High Priestess of the White Raven Cult serves as a dedicated concubine to a powerful ruler. They routinely alter and even initiate treaties and major agreements. To become a High Priestess, a Priestess must, with her skill and magic alone, stop a war that was not directly started the Cult of the White Raven. High Priestesses must dedicated 7 POW to their Pact with Morrigan and possess five cult skills at 100%. Three of those cult skills must be Influence, Pact and Seduction.
Cult Skills
The Cult of the White Raven offers training the in the following skills. Pact is mandatory as one of the five skills for joining and advancing within the cult: Courtesy, Influence, Insight, Pact (Morrigan), Perception, Persistence, Seduction, any Dagger style.

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