One Podcast, Two Podcast, Red Podcast, Blue Podcast

Jon Brazer Enterprises has been mentioned a few times recently in podcasts. So we wanted to make sure you knew of them.

Today, we were mentioned in Know Direction, the Pathfinder-focused on 3.5 Private Sanctuary. On this podcast Ryan and Perram talk about the Book of Magic: Pirate Spells. They talk about how this is perfect for your Pirate themed-campaign. Plus make sure to listen to the end to hear the ad at the end.

Next up, we have the podcast created by a good friend of mine: Jennisodes. In this episode, Jenn interviews Colin McAlister from Lone Wolf Development. In this episode they talk about how Pathfinder 3rd party publishers are creating datafiles for Hero Lab to help you in your Pathfinder game. Jon Brazer Enterprises is one of those companies. Be sure to listen to this Jennisode and other exciting interviews Jenn covers.

If you have a favorite gaming podcast that discusses Pathfinder that takes sponsors, please let us know. We love to help support the gaming community.

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