Pathfinder: Arrr-some Reviews for Pirate Spells

Book of Magic: Pirate Spells has been taking the web by storm. We got several new reviews for it that we had to share the highlights with you. First up comes a FIVE STAR REVIEW from Joshua Gullion aka KTFish7 (link):

A spell that lets you sail UNDER the water, how freaking cool is that?
Animate Figurehead spoke to me … The concept of awakening the figurehead of a ship as a golem is fantastic, and I was very happy to see that a spell of this nature was included in this collection.
… and that just screams for an evil pirate captain and his crew of damned souls!!!!!!
… it would be a great dis-service if this collection of spells were not available at [every table playing a pirate adventure path].
Going with a full 5 star rating for this collection.

Next up, we have another FIVE STAR REVIEW by Stark Enterprises VP (link):

From the flavorful Animate Figurehead to the endlessly-useful Sealegs, there’s some super spells for your seagoing spellcaster in here.
No Sea Mage would like to be without this product, and the price point is spectacular.

After this, we have a Thilo Graf aka Endzeitgeist who gave it a stellar Four Star Review (link):

Indeed, it is in the vessel-focused spells that the pdf truly shines.
vessel-grapples via kelp are a great idea as well, at least in my book.
“Sodden Ship” makes naval combat 3d in that it enables a ship to dive (and the crew to survive the experience).
MY second favorite is the high-level shipgate, which teleports a whole vessel – mad captain leading everyone into hell, anyone? NEAT!

Last up, we have a review from Ryan Costello Jr and Jefferson Jay Thacker aka Perram from the Know Direction podcast who had this to say about it (link):

What real purpose could these spells have [with so many other magic books out there]? As it ends up, these are so thematically appropriate I can easily see myself taking and using on a regular basis [these spells].
Some things are vital to the survival of your pirate character.
There was a very nice spell called Swashbuckler’s Charge that lets you charge around corners.
There’s a nice variety of spells.
A large portion of spells in here I will strongly consider … for my pirate character, not just for the fun of it but legitimately I feel these are going to be indispensable for a pirate adventure.
The PDF comes with the Hero Lab file… Oh that’s a neat effect.

Be sure to grab your Book of Magic: Pirate Spells for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Pirate-Themed Adventure Path. Download it at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and at

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