Legend: Looking for a Smaller Dragon?

One of the monsters more commonly I see requested is some type of dragon that does not require the players to be super humans to take on. Well, ask and you shall receive. This smaller dragon, we’re calling a wyvernling is usable in your campaign today. It is far less powerful than the legendary dragons which means that it your players will be far less likely to be digested in the dragon’s stomach. And today we even have a small piece of artwork for it. Enjoy.

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Frequently described as being highly aggressive and tiny when compared to dragons, wyvernlings have far fewer similarities than most humans assume. Wyvernlings must walk along the ground or climb trees as they do not have wings. They are also far less powerful. On average, wyvernlings are as smart as humans but they are far less intelligent and magically gifted as their larger brethren. One thing they have in common with dragons is their mutual love for gold and riches. Wyvernlings, however, are far more aggressive in their persuit of wealth.

STR 5d6 (18) CON 4d6 (14) SIZ 2d6+6 (13) INT 2d6+6 (13) POW 3d6 (11) DEX 2d6+2 (9) CHA 3d6+2 (13)

1d20     Hit Location     AP/HP
1-2        Tail                   6/8
3-4        Right Hind Leg   6/6
5-6        Left Hind Leg     6/6
7-9        Hindquarters      6/7
10-12    Forequarters      6/8
13-15    Right Front Leg  6/6
16-18    Left Front Leg    6/6
19-20    Head                 6/6

Combat Actions             2
Damage Modifier            +1d4
Magic Points     11
Movement         9m/6m (climb)
Strike Rank       +11

Typical Armor: Scales (AP 6). No Armor Penalty
Traits: Breathe Flame (1d6, 1/hour), Dark Sight, Formidable Natural Weapons, Night Sight

Skills: Athletics 70%, Brawn 50%, Evade 60%, Evaluate 40%, Lore (Regional) 40%, Persistence 43%, Resilience 60%, Stealth 55%
Common Magic: Demoralize, Detect Gold

Combat Styles
Bite 60%, Claw 50%, Tail Bash 60%

Type          Size     Reach        Damage     AP/HP        Range
Bite            M         L                1d6+1d4      As for Head –
Claw           S          S                1d6+1d4      As for Leg   –
Tail Bash     M         L                1d4+1d4      As for Tail    –

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