Pathfinder: Akaron the Paingiver

All this week we are looking at the deities of Shadowsfall. Yesterday we looked at the design goals and philosophies that went into the deities. Today we are looking at the lawful evil god of the kytons, Akaron.

Kytons are a race of outsiders native to Shadowsfall. Unlike devils, these creatures do not want to kill you and take your soul, leaving an undead corpse behind. Instead these creatures want you and your living body intact so your screams of pain to please Akaron. Akaron is the an archkyton that all kytons worship. The blasphemous tomes of the Order of the Archkyton tell that pain is the surest sign of life, since undead creatures do not feel pain. The living are to revel in their pain and take orgasmic pleasure in their torment. The Order believes that such pain pleases Akaron and he will help them in their eternal struggle against the undead creatures. This exposure to pain helps to fight on despite wounds sustained in battle.

The worship of Akaron is centered in the stronghold of Bloodchain. Here, if one does not willingly take part in the Order of the Archkyton’s ceremonies willingly, they take part unwillingly. As such, there is an active and lively resistance to Kyton’s rule of the stronghold. Outside of Bloodchain, the Order tends to focus more on willing submission and fighting the eternal enemies of the Paingiver, the undead. The viscous rumors of kidnapping of adults, forced torture and sacrifices by the Order to their god have not been substantiated. The Order helps to defend any stronghold they reside in as long as they are allowed to continue their worship unmolested and are allowed to run the stronghold’s torture chamber.

It is not uncommon for members of the Order to take part in guarding food transits and patrolling the roads of a stronghold, only to uncover plots that may threaten the stronghold. Many others are happy to delve into dungeons claimed by Shadowsfall in search of new magic items and new ways to feel pain from the monsters they encounter.

Tomorrow we look at Bendes and Ular, the Twin Gods of hunting and gathering.

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