[Pathfinder] We’re Not Going To PaizoCon Sale

Book of the River Nations: Complete Players' Reference for Kingdom BuildingThis is the first year in a while that Jon Brazer Enterprises will not be attending PaizoCon. We will miss you all and hope everyone there has a good time.

But if you are like me and cannot make it this year, we have a surprise for you. All this week, we are running the “We’re Not Going To PaizoCon Sale” at Paizo.com. Grab all of our PDFs that are over $1 for 25% off all week.

So if you are looking for more monsters, get all the Book of Beasts for 25% off.
The whole Book of the River Nations series is 25% off.
Fight the Dark Size for 25% off! All of our Shadowsfall titles (except the fiction) are on sale.
Get more spells for 25% off with the Book of Magic series.
Add some amazing vehicles to your game with the Book of Multifarious Munitions, both of which are 25% off.
Want some themed NPCs, take 25% off the Book of Friends and Foes.
Delve into one of the greatest researcher’s material with Riyal’s Research, now at 25% off.
Play a new race today with the Book of Heroic Races and many other titles for 25% off.

And its not just our Pathfinder PDFs that are on sale. Even our Traveller PDFs are on sale.

We at Jon Brazer Enterprises always aim to Enhance Your World and Your Game. Download these for 25% off today.

2 thoughts on “[Pathfinder] We’re Not Going To PaizoCon Sale

  1. Problems with Kingdom spread sheet: The Royal Enforcer is missing from list of Royals. Also the Magister is underlined in Red. Like it is here. I put as Treasurer a Mage names Magnus and its under lined in Red. As it is Here. Jezz what give with this underline in Red even here??? Also under the “Lord Ch” the word Attriute is under lined in Red. But that maybe spelled incorrectly.
    Also I installed the Hero Lab download but find no sign of it in the program. Not even a box to check to activate it. So is any thing going to be done or do I just delete this stuff??

  2. I do not control the Kingdom Sheet. It is fan created. I am posting a link for other fan’s convenience. The Royal Enforcer was originally called the Assassin (or Executioner or something like that, I don’t have it in front of me). So it is there, just under a different name. Red lines mean spelling errors. The Hero Lab check box should be all the way at the top. I forget if it is under Jon Brazer Enterprises or if it under something like home brew material. If you do not see it, try installing it again.

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