Pathfinder: Enlightenment by Nature

Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Samsarans (PFRPG)

All week long, we are looking at the new options in the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Samsarans. Monday we looked at the racial traits. Today we are sharing with you one of the class archetypes: the timeless warden.

Druids possess a deep connection with nature. Samsaran druids however find this connection to be more important than being reborn into the next generation. These druids become eternal guardians of the wild places, never dying and starting life anew.

Timeless Warden

Associated Class: druid
Associated Race: samsaran
Replaced Abilities: nature sense, spontaneous casting, wild empathy, woodland stride, resist nature’s lure, wild shape, venom immunity, a thousand faces, timeless body
Class Skills: A timeless warden does not gain Climb or Swim as class skills, but she adds Diplomacy, Disguise, Sense Motive, and Stealth to her list of class skills.
Spontaneous Domain Casting: A timeless warden can channel stored spell energy into domain spells that she has not prepared ahead of time. She can “lose” a prepared spell in order to cast any domain spell of the same level or lower.
Ancient Knowledge (Ex): Even young timeless wardens have a bounty of knowledge of the world around them, which they attribute to memories of past lives. A timeless warden adds 1/2 her class level (minimum +1) to all Knowledge skill checks, and may make all such checks untrained.
Nature Bond (Ex): A timeless warden may not choose an animal companion, and must choose a domain from the following domains not normally available to druids: Death, Healing, or Repose. Alternatively, the timeless warden can select one of the following subdomains APG: Ancestors, Restoration, Souls, or Undead.
Mysterious Stranger (Ex): Knowing that the secrets of reincarnation are jealously sought by those seeking immortality, the timeless warden strives to remain an enigma. Beginning at 2nd level, she adds 1/2 her class level to the DC of Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and Knowledge checks made to learn about her.
Channel Energy (Su): At 4th level, a timeless warden gains the ability to channel energy as a cleric, using her druid level as her effective cleric level. A good timeless warden channels positive energy, while an evil timeless warden channels negative energy. A neutral timeless warden must choose whether she channels positive or negative energy upon gaining this ability. Once this choice is made, it cannot be reversed. Any timeless warden can channel energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. Though timeless wardens can take most feats that alter their channel energy ability, they cannot take the Alignment Channel feat or any feat that requires it as a prerequisite.
Malleable Soul (Ex): Once she reaches 4th level, a timeless warden has taken the first step toward true immortality. She can no longer be affected by raise dead, resurrection, or true resurrection, but when subject to a reincarnate spell or when reincarnated through some other way, such as her many lives ability (see below), she suffers no negative levels upon returning to life and may return as any race of her choice.
Many Lives (Ex): A timeless warden of 9th level has mastered her own death and attains a limited form of immortality, so that she might guard the world eternally. If she is ever killed, she may automatically reincarnate (as the spell) 1 day later. The timeless warden appears in a safe location within 1 mile of her body. At will for the next 7 days, she can sense the presence of her remains as if using locate object as a spell-like ability. If she is killed during these 7 days, she remains dead and does not reincarnate. The many lives ability does not function if the timeless warden is slain by a death effect.
Cyclical Mastery: At 13th level, a timeless warden can select another domain or subdomain from those available to her through her nature bond.
Beyond Time (Su): Beginning at 15th level, a timeless warden has gained mastery over her life force as she previously gained mastery over her death. She can change her apparent age and appearance at will, as if using the threefold aspect APG spell.

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