5e/Pathfinder: Proposed Adventure Design Format

Deadly Delves: To Claw the SurfaceGood day,

As inspired by this forum thread, we at JBE talked about it and came up with a modified adventure design format. Please tell us what you think by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook/Google Plus page or on the forum thread you clicked on to get there.

We want to know what you think for how we should lay out future adventures.

Shrine (CL 5)
You see three spiders in the corner. They turn to look at you the moment that you opened the door. 
Additional text for the GM talking about how there’s a 4th spider hidden, and how none of them have eaten a while and they’re all really hungry and will attack at the first opportunity.
At the far end of the room is an altar with a skeleton lying on it. Upon its chest lies an axe, with its closer arm grasping it. 
Additional text for the GM explaining that it is a trap and when the first player stands within 5 feet of it, the arm swings the axe.
Standard read aloud text that the players sleep through. 
Additional text for the GM explaining the room’s history, yada yada yada.
In the corner of the room, you see a small pile of coins, but from this distance you cannot tell if they are gold or copper. 
Additional text for GM saying exactly what is there as well as talking about the potion in the webs.
Insert Spiders and trap stat blocks here. 

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2 thoughts on “5e/Pathfinder: Proposed Adventure Design Format

  1. This reminds me quite a bit of something like Hero Quest. Which is to say, as a format it works well for simple adventures, where the location remains fairly static. But less well for dynamic locations or adventures which are hexplorations, or event based.

  2. Is there an actual template or is that it? Not meaning to be rude but I could help you write something that would help more and have more format to it.

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