Traveller: We Are Moving Forward

Incase you had not heard, there has been considerable discussion online about the new licenses that DriveThruRPG put up last week Friday. At first glance these licenses are pretty good: you get to publish whatever you want for the system with an easy path to becoming a publisher. However, for reasons I will not go into here, the license has some down sides. All of them are in the “iTunes User Agreement”-size license that you must agree to before publishing material for it.

We at JBE spent the weekend discussing what to do. After careful consideration, we came to a decision: we are moving forward with Traveller plans for the Original Traveller Universe only, at this time. Adventures, settings books, and ships that are designed for the Third Imperium, we will be continuing as planned. We had considered ideas for Traveller 2e that were for settings beyond this, but we will not be pursuing those under the current agreement. We will reconsider those ideas should the agreement change.

So what does this mean for you, Traveller fans? It means that if you are a fan of our Foreven Worlds setting, you should expect to see more of it. And by “more” I mean beyond the subsectors. Now that we have a quadrant developed, we are going to spend some time working on adventures. We want the area to be your home for some daring campaigns. And that is what we are going to give you. Expect some freaking awesome adventures coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Traveller: We Are Moving Forward

  1. So I see you’ve republished the Foreven subsector files. Is there any difference from the previously published ones?

  2. Only the logos on the front and the legal text. Nothing else is different

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