Pathfinder: The Enduring Witch

Greetings witch fans,

So today is our last in our series of Halloween-themed pareon hexes. Granted that is a really odd thing to say since just about all of these hexes can be called Halloween-themed. Don’t worry, we will still be doing our weekly patron hexes for the foreseeable future and as soon as I finish hexes for all the patrons, we will be wrapping this series together into the Book of Magic: Patron Hexes.

Let me just remind you about all the previous hexes in the series: trickery, death, agility, elements, light, and shadow. And now we give your witches a warty face with Endurance Patron Hexes.

Endurance Patron Hexes

Transfer Fatigue (Su): The witch touches a willing creature that is fatigued and removes the condition. As part of the same action, the witch can make a touch attack against a creature and give that creature the fatigued condition, which will last for however much time remained on the original creature’s condition. Once a creature has gained the fatigued condition from this hex, it cannot gain the fatigued condition again from this hex for 24 hours.

Weaken (Su): The witch chooses a creature she can see within 30 feet. If that creature fails a Will save, the creature takes a –2 penalty to Fortitude saves for 1 round. This duration can be extended with the cackle hex.

Major Hex: Wartskin (Su): The witch touches a creature. The creature’s skin thickens and grows warts, granting it a +4 natural armor bonus (or increasing its existing natural armor bonus by +4 if it already has one) and gains a +10 enhancement bonus to Intimidate checks. This lasts a number of minutes equal to 3 + the witch’s Intelligence bonus. This bonus increases by +1 for every 3 levels the witch possesses beyond 10 (to a maximum of +7 at 19th level). A creature affected by the wartskin hex cannot be targeted by it again for 24 hours.

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