Pathfinder: The Agile Witch

Continuing our series of witch hexes themed for specific patrons, we bring you hexes from the Agility patron. But before we do, I want to ask you a question: should we name the patrons? Should we give these patrons names and descriptions as to what their goals are? Give them some personality and what not? Make them as detailed as deities? Talk about how what makes a coven of this kind of patron is different from another patron? Would you like it if we did that? Leave a comment below or post your answer on our facebook page, twitter, google+, or the Paizo thread that start this whole series.

Quick reminder, you can find our previous patron hexes here: elements, light, and shadow. And now, on with the hexes.

Agility Hexes

Borrow Speed (Su): The witch touches two willing creatures, reducing one creature’s speed by 10 feet for the next round and increasing the other’s speed by 10 feet for one round.

Leg Lock (Su): The target creature’s legs lock together, reducing the creature’s speed to 5 feet for 1 round. This hex can be extended with the cackle hex.

Major Hex: Swift Step (Su): The witch teleports a short distance. As a move action, the witch can teleport up to 30 feet + 5 feet for every 2 levels the witch possesses beyond 10th (to a maximum of 55 feet at 20th level). A witch can bring along a willing creature she touches by reducing her teleportation distance by half.

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