Pathfinder: Art of the Cats of Doom

For today’s preview of the Deadly Delves: 9 Lives for Petane, we want to show you some more of the artwork inside of this adventure. We pride ourselves on having some exceptional artwork by amazing artists. The cover image was created by Luis Antonio Salas Lastra and is of a particularly nasty leukodaemon—a plague daemon—using its breath of flies ability on F’haisa, our signature lizardfolk magus, while Lindiwe our signature elan psychic warrior, charges in for an attack. I love that one. Look for it soon as wallpaper you can download for your computer.

Up next we have a fun interior drawing by Brian Brinlee of a half-fiend aboleth having snagged Khol Saka, our signature catfolk slayer while F’haisa rushes in to save her ally.

Last up we have some more images by Brian Brinlee. A total of two catfolk, but the question is, are there more in the adventure? Hmmm? Also, we have two different psionic classes shown. Deadly… Lastly we have one Hell of a demon. (Well, I guess technically, that would be one Abyss of a demon, but that doesn’t flow as nicely.) All of this and more are inside Deadly Delves: 9 Lives for Petane.

Deadly Delves: 9 Lives for Petane is an adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and is designed for a group of four-to-five 12th-level characters and will be released tomorrow. You can download this adventures at the JBE Shop. You can also find them at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store.

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