PF 2e: Fallen Angel

Earlier this week, we shared the PF 1e version of the fallen angel. As we embrace 2e more, we converted this fan favorite monster to the new edition. We hope you enjoy it. Share this post on your Twitter and Facebook pages and tell your gaming friends to check it out.

Fallen Angel Creature 19

Rare NE Medium Fiend
Perception +33; darkvision
Languages Celestial, Draconic, Infernal; tongues
Skills Acrobatics +31, Deception +33, Intimidation +37, Religion +31
Str +10, Dex +5, Con +6, Int +5, Wis +5, Cha +7
Items +2 striking wounding scimitar

AC 43; Fort +35, Ref +32, Will +29; +1 status to all saves vs. magic
HP 398; Weaknesses good 20
Doubter’s Aura (aura, divine, enchantment) Any creature within a 30-foot radius of a fallen angel must succeed at a DC 38 Will save or take a –2 status penalty to its Armor Class as well as on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks for the next hour. For that duration, creatures that failed the saving throw must attempt an additional Will save each time they attempt to cast a spell or use an ability that deals good damage. Creatures that succeed against the initial saving throw are immune to this ability for 24 hours. 

Speed 40 feet, fly 75 feet
Melee 1 unholy scimitar +36 (evil, forceful, magical, sweep), Damage 2d6+28 slashing plus 1d6 evil and 1d6 persistent bleed damage
Divine Innate Spells DC 41, attack +33; 8th dispel magic, harm, plane shift (self only), spiritual epidemic, vampiric touch; 4th dimensional anchor (at will); 2nd invisibility (at will, self only); 1st detect alignment (at will, good only)
Doubting Strike 1 Requirement The fallen angel hit a foe earlier this turn with a weapon Strike. Effect The fallen angel makes a weapon Strike against the foe. On a success, the foe must succeed at a DC 38 Fortitude save or becomes stupefied 2. On a critical failure, the foe is stupefied 3 instead.
Unholy Armaments (divine, evocation) Any weapon gains the effect of an unholy property rune while a fallen angel wields it.

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