Moving Forward

Image by Dean Spencer

My team and I have had a long, hard discussion over the weekend and in the end, we all agreed on one difficult truth: we do not trust that Wizards of the Coast will stay true to their word or won’t try to somehow undermine the OGL at some point in the future.

That in itself is not the difficult part. The difficult part is what it means for our company going forward. In short, we are officially done working on OGL projects. Our current production schedule is slow. Very slow, infact. So we cannot trust that when we begin a project that the landscape will not have changed by the time we finish. That is not a situation we can work with as a company. Wizards did the damage to the OGL; it cannot be undone, in our opinions.

So what are we working on? Short term: we are working on Pathfinder Infinite projects surrounding PF2e Kingmaker. This is where our company began, so we are returning to our roots. Long term, who knows exactly. We anticipate working under the ORC License, possibly working with Chaosium’s BRP, maybe with Green Ronin’s AGE System, or one of the others. No matter where we go, you can expect excellent work from us, bring your game our own brand of weirdness and awesomeness.

We are excited for this future and hope you will join us.

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