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Congrats to Fire Mountain Games and Jennisodes on Their Ennie Nominations

We at Jon Brazer Enterprises would like to take a moment to congratulate Gary McBride and the crew at Fire Mountain Games on their Ennie Nomination. Their Way of the Wicked adventure path is a series to be proud of and we wish them all the best going into the voting.

Also congrats to our friend Jenn at the Jennisodes podcast. She has worked hard to make a quality interview podcast show. If you are not listening to it, go over there right now and listen today!

Congratulations to them and all the other Ennie Nominees. Remember to vote!

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Pathfinder: The Gaming Genius “Golden Pawn” Arrived

Golden Pawn Gaming Genius AwardLast year, Jon Brazer Enterprises won an award for the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations. As this is our first award, we are thrilled. We want to thank everyone that helped make this award possible. We appreciate that you believed in this book enough to vote for us and we thank you for that.

The Gaming Genius Awards, or “Golden Pawns,” are awards bestowed by the International Gamers Guild to recognize genius in the design, manufacture, publishing, and practice in the hobby games field. They are awarded at the end of August to nominees across the hobby game industry in a variety of categories that cover the excellence of the field. Learn more about them at

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The Book of Beasts and Book of the River Nations Are Up for Awards!

Jon Brazer Enterprises is proud to announce that the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations and the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference for Kingdom Building are up for Gaming Genius Awards in the categories of Best RPG Supplement and Most Innovative New Product. See all the award Nominees here. (Sorry we deleted the link since the site has since been taken over by spambots.)

We at Jon Brazer Enterprises are thrilled to be apart of this and would like to wish the best luck to all other nominees. To vote for our books or your favorite nominated books, send an email to the Gaming Genius Awards crew and tell them why you feel you are qualified to vote for the best games anywhere. Send them an email today since the awards ceremony is during the Montreal ComicCon on Sept 17-18! Show Your Love for Jon Brazer Enterprises by voting for us today!

About The International Gamers Guild and the Gamers Guild

The International Gamers Guild (IGG) and its parent organization (The Gamers Guild) are non-profit organizations dedicated to empowering participants in roleplaying games, miniatures, wargames, boardgames, LARPs, and related hobbies to promote such hobbies in the wider community and to increase their opportunities to enjoy the hobby as well. The Central Committee of the Gaming Genius Awards are an anonymous group of directors from the Gamer’s Guild.