[Pathfinder] Minor Race Development Blog: Half-Dryad

This is the first what I hope will be an every other week blog entry. Basickly its going to be taking about the development of whatever it is I happen to be working on for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. The poll showed the highest interest in Races and Monsters. So lets start with RacesContinue reading “[Pathfinder] Minor Race Development Blog: Half-Dryad”

[Poll] What RPG Material Would You Be Interested In?

Jon Brazer Enterprises’ first official poll. What RPG Material Would You Be Interested In? We are currently deciding which direction to go from here. We’ve got several ideas for projects to come out early next year. We’d like to know what you are interested in. Please click on the link below and let us know.Continue reading “[Poll] What RPG Material Would You Be Interested In?”

September Updates

New month begins, summer wanes, and Ren Faire season begins. This weekend I’m taking my daughter to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival this weekend. I love renn faires; I hope my daughter does as well. We’ll see. She already tried on two dresses she’s going to wear. One is pink velvet the other is purple …Continue reading “September Updates”

Good Problems

Certain problems I love to have. To many good ideas is my current problem. Here are some of the ideas rattling around in my head at the moment. A monster series for Pathfinder (the bestiary is coming out a full month after the core book so why not produce some monsters for players to encounterContinue reading “Good Problems”

Late July Update

I’ve been away form the computer for a while. Second vacation with my daughter this summer. In that time, I’ve been thinking and planning much about Traveller. Nothing I can talk about yet since plans are little than a kernal of an idea at the moment. but I think I am ready for the nextContinue reading “Late July Update”

[PFRPG] What Things May Come

There are few things I know for sure. One of those things I do know is that my daughter is 6 years old. For the past two years I’ve been telling myself that I would introduce her to role playing games the summer when she’s six. So this is the summer. I am finishing upContinue reading “[PFRPG] What Things May Come”