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Pathfinder: Review Roundup

We’ve received a number of excellent reviews over the past month and we thought we would share a few of them with you. First up is Shadowsfall: Shadow Plane Player’s Companion. This book received TWO 5-STAR reviews. The reviewers heaped considerably praise on this book, say:

“Read on my friends, and I will do my best to cover the pertinent reasons you NEED this book.”
“Shadowsfall setting is about as close as one can get to playing a zombie apocalypse setting without abandoning the fantasy genre.”
“Nothing says don’t mess with me like riding into combat on a dodo.”
“The two new races rock hard, can be considered iconic and balanced and are neat.”
“These vehicles are PLAIN FRICKIN’ AWESOME! Seriously, can you see Pcs escaping through the woods, running from the city’s elite and their walkers, hoping to outrun the arcane warmachines? I can and boy – excellent!”
“This player’s guide is a comprehensive, smart and well-written introduction to the plane of shadows that will whet your taste for the darkness of Shadowsfall.”
“This is not only a great purchase if you’re into the plane of shadows, but e.g. also to scavenge ideas for Carrion Crown APs or any rather dark setting really.”

You can really see how the reviewers ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book. Order it today from, from your local game store or from your favorite online gaming website.

Next up we have a single 4-Star review for Book of Friends and Foes: Ratfolk of the Ruins. While not very long, this review provides a great quote:

“The NPCs shown here provide some great characters that can fit into just about any campaign to add that extra touch of flavor that will make that next quest or story arc memorable.”

Download Book of Friends and Foes: Ratfolk of the Ruins at DriveThruRPG, or

Also within the last month, we received two 4-Star reviews for Shadowsfall: Favored Class Options. Read what the reviewers had to say:

“‘Would I use this in a home game?’. The answer is a resounding yes.”
“It’s worth checking out to give your home game some spice.”
“[These] favored class options provide an interesting mix of possibilities.”

Download Shadowsfall: Favored Class Options at DriveThruRPG, or

I would like to thank everyone that took the time to review one of our products. We hope that they enhance your world and your game.

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Pathfinder: Release the Ratfolk!

Get Personal

Fully fleshed-out hirlings and arch-nemeses for your characters await within! The Book of Friends and Foes: Ratfolk of the Ruins delivers seven NPCs to expand your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These ratfolk will keep your characters guessing who to trust and what deadly danger lurks around the corner. Covering CR 1/2-8, these NPCs will steal your evil Game Master’s heart along with the player’s gold pouches. Use these friends and foes to hang plot hooks and move your adventure along.

This 12-page PDF includes 7 ratfolk NPCs with complete statblocks using options from beyond the Core Rulebook. Enhance your World and Your Game Today. Available now at DriveThruRPG/ or at