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Traveller: Christmas in July Sale for the D66 Compendium 2

D66 Compendium 2

d66 Compendium 2Like we talked about yesterday with our 5e releases and the day before with Pathfinder, our Traveller releases are available now for 25% off for the Christmas in July Sale. We have a wide array of Traveller books on sale now at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow that you should grab right now. Act fast since this sale end on July 29th. Right now, you can you can get a great price on:

Grab these great deals today at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.

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Fate: Mechs of Fate

Powered by Fate Final Light BGI saw Pacific Rim recently. It. Was. AWESOME! I love giant robots fighting giant monsters. They’re always fun movies. So I thought I would create a few giant mechs for you to use in your Fate game. Would anyone be interested in giant monsters for these mechs to fight?

AX-715 Gunstar

Permissions: None; understood as part of the game’s conceit
Costs: Skill ranks, refresh an aspect slots, invested by single character
Aspects: Powerful Gun Arms, Trick Shot
Skills: Good (+3) Shoot, Fair (+2) Drive
Stunts: Blast it to Hell. For a fate point, add 2 to the Weapon value of any Shoot attack with the Gunstar‘s weapons.

MNF-81 Ramfist

Permissions: None; understood as part of the game’s conceit
Costs: Skill ranks, refresh an aspect slots, invested by single character
Aspects: Light on its Feet, Swift Punch
Skills: Good (+3) Drive, Fair (+2) Fight, Notice
Stunts: Catch an Attack. Once per scene, you can spend a fate point to catch an incoming attack with your fists. This negates the consequences of the attack. This cannot be used against energy weapons.

RP-6 Eagleeye

Permissions: None; understood as part of the game’s conceit
Costs: Skill ranks, refresh an aspect slots, invested by single character
Aspects: Hard to Detect, Sight beyond sight
Skills: Good (+3) Notice, Fair (+2) Fight, Stealth
Stunts: Exceptional Sensors. You can use Notice in place of Investigate when using the Eagleeye’s sensors.

Please tell us what you think of these or how we can fine tune these to be even better.

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Traveller: Tomorrow Starts Our Star Wars Day Sale

Have you been eyeing up our Traveller RPG books for some time but been putting it for another day. Well wait no longer. Tomorrow starts our Star Wars Day Sale. Grab all the titles your protocol droid has been talking nonstop about. At an R2 unit screaming 25% off, you can’t pass these up.  Get the fastest hunk of junk on the sector with Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Fighters and Small Ships or all the stats on monsters that swallow your guards in Creatures of Distant Worlds Compendium 1.

But what’s more, we’ll be selling print copies of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot:  Mech Squadrons direct from our website for 50% OFF and it includes the PDF FREE. How can you not step on Jar Jar with these deals!

So be here tomorrow before the Empire shoots down our rear deflector screen and grab these awesome Traveller titles! And May the Fourth Be With You!

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Origins 2010 Plans

The summer convention season is upon us. We don’t have all of our plans finalized yet, but we do have this firm: we are going to Origins 2010. What is Jon Brazer Enterprises doing at Origins? Well, we’re going to be selling Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons for Traveller in the dealer’s room, Booth #420 a mere two booths away from Mongoose Publishing’s booth. My booth is the GPA booth and it is shared by other small game designers, so you will have to look for or ask about Mech Squadrons. I myself will be hanging out at the booth much of the time the dealer’s room is open. Even if you have already picked up Mech Squadrons or are a Pathfinder player and are excited about Book of Beasts, stop by and say hi. I would love to go to know the many people I have gotten to know over the internet but have never met face to face.

What about when the dealer’s room is closed? I don’t have any firm plans yet, but I am probably going to be running some pickup games of Mech Military for Traveller and Hunters of the River Nations for Pathfinder. If you play in my Pathfinder game, you will be able to get an exclusive peak at some of the monsters in our upcoming book Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations.

We can’t wait to go. We’re looking forward to our Origins and the fun we’re going to have. See you there.

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Traveller: Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons Now Available in Game Stores

Ready to ride fire with the hottest walkers this side of the galactic core, Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons brings you over eighteen walkers for you to blast your way through any obstacle. From the small two-legged MegaHerc construction mech to the heavy, six-legged Barga artillery tanks, this supplement contains walkers ideal for every use. Additionally, mass combat stats are detailed for squadrons of each mech described, helping you and your players to have epic battles.

Several mech operator careers, example NPCs and additional weaponry are included to customize your machines and characters.

Take command of a mech and take command of worlds.

Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons is a supplement for the Traveller Role Playing Game and is produced by Jon Brazer Enterprises. Mech Squadrons is available now at Your Local Game Store and fine online retailers.

“Traveller” and the Traveller logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission. The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

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Traveller: Mech Squadrons Preview 3

Rounding out the previews of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons, we take a look at what else in included in the book besides mechs. There are three mech driver careers included within: one military, one mercenary and one civilian. Today, we’re showing the whole of the civilian career today. You’ll notice that players can gain the Driver (walker) skill before starting play and the new Mustering out benefit “Mech”. You can purchase a mechs with ship shares, the same as you can a ship. The Mech benefit grants 5 ship shares when purchasing a mech and 2 when purchasing anything else.

I am told that the book will be leaving the printer tomorrow which means Mech Squadrons could be in stores before the end of the month. Preorder Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons today to get your copy as soon as possible. Available at, Sci-Fi Genre, or Your Local Gaming Store.

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Traveller Mech Squadrons Preview 2

Today in our series of previews for Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons, we take a look at two more mechs. This pair (a Sigma 135P Personal Defense Mech and a Guardian 995T Assault Artillery) differ from the two previewed yesterday because they are not listed as “Vehicles” in their mass combat stat block. While distinctly vehicles, neither of these behave like vehicles when assembled in mass numbers in terms of damage output, range, and ability to sustain damage. They behave like other types of squadrons. The Personal Defense Mech takes and dishes out damage more like Heavy Infantry while the Assault Artillery from Guardian deals damage more like, well, artillery. Both of these squadrons possess numbers in their respective units for vehicles. This is fully explained in Mech Squadrons both how it works and why it works this way.

Like all gamers, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises cannot help but quote Monty Python every chance we can get. So we decided to include a little homage to The Life of Brian in this book. You can see the final outcome here in the People’s Front of Londonia. Enjoy.

Tomorrow we preview one of the three careers to let players start the game off with the Driver(walker) skill and possibly begin play with a mech of their own. Preorder Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech SquadronsNow at, Sci-Fi Genre, or Your Local Gaming Store.

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Traveller: Mech Squadrons Preview 1

With Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons now being at the printer, it is time for some long awaited previews. These are appropriately timed with a big week in space history. Yesterday was both the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight and the anniversary of the launch of the space shuttle Columbia STS-1. Today is the anniversary of the Apollo 13 launch, where engineers at mission control were supermen in finding ways to bring our astronauts home. Yes, this is indeed a big week in space history. May mankind walk among the stars and be the giants we are destined to someday be.

Back to discussing mechs, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises have three previews for everyone this week. The first shows two mechs presented in the book. The top half of every page shows a picture of each mech and its stat block. The bottom half describes a squadron that uses this mech and its mass combat stat block. Click here to download the first preview.

Stop back on throughout the week for more previews of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons. Preorder Now at, Sci-Fi Genre, or Your Local Gaming Store.

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Traveller: Mech Squadron Previews to Start Next Week

The proof copy of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons arrived. Now begins the process of going through and making last minute changes. As soon as I give the printer the go ahead with the print run, I’ll start posting previews.

With any luck, it’ll hit store shelves before the end of the month (but it might be early May before that happens).

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[Traveller] Serving the Page Count Gods

About 5 minutes ago, I finished up the layout of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons. One more edit pass and some tweeking of the cover and it is ready to go off to the printer. YEAH!!! This is the first book I’ve written where I was concerned about page count. I am budgeted for 32 pages so anything I write that goes beyond that is being left on the cutting room floor. Its not like I wrote 35 or 40 pages of material and I have to cut alot. Its a number of small things. For example, I originally designated one page to NPCs. The skills page overran alot, so I had to cut NPCs down to less than a half a page. The weapons appendix was estimated to 1 page. I however wrote enough new weapons to take up a page and a half. About half of that extra half page was cut and the remainder was shortened to fit into a “Special” box. So a number of things were laid on the alter of page count, like many publishers before me and many after me as well. Those that were cut, I really like, I just happen to like those that were kept more. There are plenty of other Mech Tech ‘n’ bot books in my head so I will be getting Electroshock Missiles and Grav Shells and other cool items in future supplements.

I’m off to the Gama Trade Show next week to help bring Mech Tech ‘n’ bot to your stores. I’ll be twittering from my cell phone, but I probably will not be online much more than that. Have fun while I am away.