Traveller: Mech Squadrons Preview 1

With Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons now being at the printer, it is time for some long awaited previews. These are appropriately timed with a big week in space history. Yesterday was both the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight and the anniversary of the launch of the space shuttle Columbia STS-1. Today is the anniversary of the Apollo 13 launch, where engineers at mission control were supermen in finding ways to bring our astronauts home. Yes, this is indeed a big week in space history. May mankind walk among the stars and be the giants we are destined to someday be.

Back to discussing mechs, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises have three previews for everyone this week. The first shows two mechs presented in the book. The top half of every page shows a picture of each mech and its stat block. The bottom half describes a squadron that uses this mech and its mass combat stat block. Click here to download the first preview.

Stop back on throughout the week for more previews of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons. Preorder Now at, Sci-Fi Genre, or Your Local Gaming Store.

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