Traveller Mech Squadrons Preview 2

Today in our series of previews for Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons, we take a look at two more mechs. This pair (a Sigma 135P Personal Defense Mech and a Guardian 995T Assault Artillery) differ from the two previewed yesterday because they are not listed as “Vehicles” in their mass combat stat block. While distinctly vehicles, neither of these behave like vehicles when assembled in mass numbers in terms of damage output, range, and ability to sustain damage. They behave like other types of squadrons. The Personal Defense Mech takes and dishes out damage more like Heavy Infantry while the Assault Artillery from Guardian deals damage more like, well, artillery. Both of these squadrons possess numbers in their respective units for vehicles. This is fully explained in Mech Squadrons both how it works and why it works this way.

Like all gamers, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises cannot help but quote Monty Python every chance we can get. So we decided to include a little homage to The Life of Brian in this book. You can see the final outcome here in the People’s Front of Londonia. Enjoy.

Tomorrow we preview one of the three careers to let players start the game off with the Driver(walker) skill and possibly begin play with a mech of their own. Preorder Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech SquadronsNow at, Sci-Fi Genre, or Your Local Gaming Store.

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