Legend: New Monster Called Gruff

I’m taking a break from my regular posting of a faction. I’m still working on my first sorcery faction and I need a little more time. In the meantime, I figured I’d post a monster. I noticed people talking on the Legend forums about a lack of beastmen. So I thought I would make one. Fans of RuneQuest will recognize this monster as being inspired by the Broo. However, I am drawing this monster’s personality more from two distinct sources: the fairy tale of the billy-goat’s gruff and the more recent Dresden Files book where Harry fights a number of these “fairies” as he stops a murderous plot.

I hope you enjoy this monster. I highly welcome all comments.

Billy-Goat Gruff
Best described as a half goat-half man creature, a billy-goat gruff (or gruff for short) is considered by most common folk to be a smaller minotaur. However, this could not be further from the truth. Where a minotaur avoids human contact, a gruff seeks it out, raiding human settlements for food and slaves.
A gruff village is filthy by civilized human standards. The simple huts tend to be made from the skins of various animals hunted. The village chief’s hut is always in the center of the camp and is made from the hide of the largest monster killed by the tribe. The chief is always the largest gruff.
            Dice           Average            
STR      2d6+6         (13)                   
CON     1d6+12       (16)
SIZ       3d6+5       (16)
INT       2d6+6         (13)
POW    3d6             (11)
DEX     3d6             (11)
CHA     2d6             (7)

1d20     Hit Location           AP/HP 
1-3        Right Leg                -/7
4-6        Left Leg                  -/7
7-9        Abdomen                -/8
10-12    Chest                      -/9
13-15    Right Arm               -/6
16-18    Left Leg                  -/6
19-20    Head                      3/7

Combat Actions       2
Damage Modifier     +1d2
Magic Points           11
Movement                10m
Strike Rank              +12
 Armor: Horns (AP 3, Head only)
Traits: None

Skills: Athletics 60%, Brawn 28%, Evade 40%, Perception 50%, Persistence 20%, Resilience 40%, Sleight 45%, Survival 40%,
Common Magic 17%, Bestial Enhancement 2, Mobility 1

Combat Styles
Head Butt 60%, Club 60%, Spear and Shield 50%, Unarmed 28%
Type              Size     Reach      Damage            AP/HP        Range
Club              M         S             1D6+1D2          4/4              —
Head Butt      L          T             1D6+1D2          as Head      —
Short Spear   M         L             1D8+1+1D2      6/8              —
Target Shield  L          S             1D6+1D2          4/12            —

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