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Traveller: Paskrin

Creatures of Distant Worlds Compendium (MGT 1e)

Last week was TravellerCon/USA. If you enjoy Traveller and couldn’t make it this year, I hope you can join us next year. It is a fun time and glad to see everyone again.

I have been ignoring Traveller lately, an oversight which I plan to correct starting today. Since I post a monster every Wednesday to this site, today I am posting a Traveller creature. In our first book, Creatures of Distant Worlds, we created a number of monsters for your players to shoot or get devoured by. one that everyone seemed to live or hate is the paskrin. This tiny tentacled rat has a habit of finding its way into the worst possible places, and they can eat through anything. Yes, I said, anything. Given enough time, of course. But fragile parts, like a ship’s fuel line, their teeth can make quick work of that.

They were originally created for 1e Mongoose Traveller. Here are there stats updated for MGT2e.

Animal Hits Speed
Paskrin 4 3 m
Skills Athletics (dexterity) 1, Melee (bite) 2, Recon 2, Stealth 1, Survival 2
Attacks Bite (D3, AP 1)
Traits Armour (+1), Fast Metabolism (+2), Small (–3)
Behaviour Scavenger, Reducer

Check out this creature and more in our book Creatures of Distant Worlds, available now at the Jon Brazer Enterprises Shop. Also be sure to download all of our books for Mongoose Traveller Second Edition at DriveThruRPG and

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Traveller: Foreven Worlds: Vehicles That Will Blow You Away

CyberpumaIts official. Mongoose Publishing released the Vehicles Handbook as part of their SRD. I have been working on a vehicles book ever since I finished converting the book to an SRD.

Soon now we will be releasing Foreven Worlds: Vehicles of the Frontier. But for right now, let me just share with you the names of the vehicles done so far (we still might add a few yet). Here’s what you can expect:

Cornathian Mightyman Construction Suit
Zhodani Liltsob Export Construction Suit
People’s Militia Police Interceptor
People’s Militia Prison Transport Vehicle
Massinagrav Cyberpuma (image shown above)
Sandstar Windchaser
Zargrav X-72
Everritt Cloudhauler
Marazda 7 (Vroom-vroom)
VolksGrav Squirrel

Cargo Haulers
Shavaraz Cargo Transport Platform
Massinagrav Cyberbear

Avalar Abrzdol Scout Walker
Zhodani Anchiefl Grav Tank
Imperial DAC-54F Lightningbolt Space Assault Fighter (yes, it is the warthog of the future)
People’s Militia Ordermaker Assault Armor
Avalar Falling Star Space Assault Suit
Hollis Bodyguard Spacearmy Suit
Federation Yeti Marine Armor

We’ll have more previews as the release gets closer (and after my editor has a look at what I’ve written. Stay tuned.

Download Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector today at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.

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Legend: Looking for a Smaller Dragon?

One of the monsters more commonly I see requested is some type of dragon that does not require the players to be super humans to take on. Well, ask and you shall receive. This smaller dragon, we’re calling a wyvernling is usable in your campaign today. It is far less powerful than the legendary dragons which means that it your players will be far less likely to be digested in the dragon’s stomach. And today we even have a small piece of artwork for it. Enjoy.

As always, Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 is available at These factions will add new flavor to your game as well as provide plot hooks that you can enhance your world. Pick this up today.


Frequently described as being highly aggressive and tiny when compared to dragons, wyvernlings have far fewer similarities than most humans assume. Wyvernlings must walk along the ground or climb trees as they do not have wings. They are also far less powerful. On average, wyvernlings are as smart as humans but they are far less intelligent and magically gifted as their larger brethren. One thing they have in common with dragons is their mutual love for gold and riches. Wyvernlings, however, are far more aggressive in their persuit of wealth.

STR 5d6 (18) CON 4d6 (14) SIZ 2d6+6 (13) INT 2d6+6 (13) POW 3d6 (11) DEX 2d6+2 (9) CHA 3d6+2 (13)

1d20     Hit Location     AP/HP
1-2        Tail                   6/8
3-4        Right Hind Leg   6/6
5-6        Left Hind Leg     6/6
7-9        Hindquarters      6/7
10-12    Forequarters      6/8
13-15    Right Front Leg  6/6
16-18    Left Front Leg    6/6
19-20    Head                 6/6

Combat Actions             2
Damage Modifier            +1d4
Magic Points     11
Movement         9m/6m (climb)
Strike Rank       +11

Typical Armor: Scales (AP 6). No Armor Penalty
Traits: Breathe Flame (1d6, 1/hour), Dark Sight, Formidable Natural Weapons, Night Sight

Skills: Athletics 70%, Brawn 50%, Evade 60%, Evaluate 40%, Lore (Regional) 40%, Persistence 43%, Resilience 60%, Stealth 55%
Common Magic: Demoralize, Detect Gold

Combat Styles
Bite 60%, Claw 50%, Tail Bash 60%

Type          Size     Reach        Damage     AP/HP        Range
Bite            M         L                1d6+1d4      As for Head –
Claw           S          S                1d6+1d4      As for Leg   –
Tail Bash     M         L                1d4+1d4      As for Tail    –

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Legend: New Monster Called Gruff

I’m taking a break from my regular posting of a faction. I’m still working on my first sorcery faction and I need a little more time. In the meantime, I figured I’d post a monster. I noticed people talking on the Legend forums about a lack of beastmen. So I thought I would make one. Fans of RuneQuest will recognize this monster as being inspired by the Broo. However, I am drawing this monster’s personality more from two distinct sources: the fairy tale of the billy-goat’s gruff and the more recent Dresden Files book where Harry fights a number of these “fairies” as he stops a murderous plot.

I hope you enjoy this monster. I highly welcome all comments.

Billy-Goat Gruff
Best described as a half goat-half man creature, a billy-goat gruff (or gruff for short) is considered by most common folk to be a smaller minotaur. However, this could not be further from the truth. Where a minotaur avoids human contact, a gruff seeks it out, raiding human settlements for food and slaves.
A gruff village is filthy by civilized human standards. The simple huts tend to be made from the skins of various animals hunted. The village chief’s hut is always in the center of the camp and is made from the hide of the largest monster killed by the tribe. The chief is always the largest gruff.
            Dice           Average            
STR      2d6+6         (13)                   
CON     1d6+12       (16)
SIZ       3d6+5       (16)
INT       2d6+6         (13)
POW    3d6             (11)
DEX     3d6             (11)
CHA     2d6             (7)

1d20     Hit Location           AP/HP 
1-3        Right Leg                -/7
4-6        Left Leg                  -/7
7-9        Abdomen                -/8
10-12    Chest                      -/9
13-15    Right Arm               -/6
16-18    Left Leg                  -/6
19-20    Head                      3/7

Combat Actions       2
Damage Modifier     +1d2
Magic Points           11
Movement                10m
Strike Rank              +12
 Armor: Horns (AP 3, Head only)
Traits: None

Skills: Athletics 60%, Brawn 28%, Evade 40%, Perception 50%, Persistence 20%, Resilience 40%, Sleight 45%, Survival 40%,
Common Magic 17%, Bestial Enhancement 2, Mobility 1

Combat Styles
Head Butt 60%, Club 60%, Spear and Shield 50%, Unarmed 28%
Type              Size     Reach      Damage            AP/HP        Range
Club              M         S             1D6+1D2          4/4              —
Head Butt      L          T             1D6+1D2          as Head      —
Short Spear   M         L             1D8+1+1D2      6/8              —
Target Shield  L          S             1D6+1D2          4/12            —

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Kresdekka I now in Signs and Portents 68

Late last year I wrote a series of Planets for Traveller and submitted them off to Mongoose Publishing for publication. Today, another saw the light of published. Kresdekka I is a prison planet where the hardest of the hard to go to be removed from society. Inside you’ll find 3 patrons, a player handout, and enough plot hooks to keep your players in lock down wanting to find out what comes next.

Download the free magazine Signs and Portents 68 today.