Legend: Download These New Factions Today

We’ve been publishing Legend factions on the web now for over a month. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we are glad to hear that you are enjoying these factions as much as we are having making them. We’ve gotten a few requests for these to be easily downloadable and now we are giving that to you. Today we uploaded our first Legend product to DriveThruRPG. Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 includes the four previously published factions as well as the last one below. We want to know if we should continue this style of publishing: us writing material, releasing it free on our website and then bundling it up in a PDF. If you have been enjoying these factions and you feel this kind of “try it before you buy it” publishing works for you, then we ask that you pick this up right away. Goto DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.com and download this compendium of factions.

The last of faction in this group is a sorcery order known as the Order of the Red Guard. This underground sorcery order masquerades around under a different name and guise to keep the less than favorable monarchy and public from exterminating them. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy this.

Order of the Red Guard (Sorcerer Order)

The order of the red guard tell of a day long ago when their order walked freely among their fellow men until one of their number used the order’s magic to torture over one hundred people and burn down several villages before she was stopped. The order continues its true mission, operating under the guise of being alchemists and designers of great works. This order is only called the order of red alchemy. Many know it has roots in the red guard, but few realize the red guard grimoire survives to this day.

The mission of the order remains the same: to understand ways to manipulate the world around them, to help those in need for the good of all and to seek out those willing, fit and responsible enough to learn magic. Today they must be more careful as to whom they invite to join the order. Novices are watched to insure they do not discover the order’s true identity too early. Those that do meet a sudden and accidental demise.

The order of red alchemy is known for its fiery mastery. They are called when a fire threatens the local area and when a fiery monster appears. Once a fight between a one of the order and a fiery creature erupt, the local flee since the amount of fire flying around tends to cause collateral damage. Additionally, it is customary to not watch one of the order’s magi fight since either the mage’s clothes burn off from the Firebody spell or the mage disrobes first, saving the garment for later wear. It is for this spell that order members are also considered fun to date.

Common Magic: Dragon’s Breath, Extinguish, Fireblade, Firebody, Ignite, Warmth

Sorcery Magic (Red Guard Grimoire): Animate (Fire), Banish, Damage Resistance, Protective Ward, Smother, Wrack


Novices must be chosen by one of the order’s magi or archmagi. Each magi or archmagi is allowed to choose with whatever criteria they desire, however many look for a strong intelligence and magical aptitude. Someone offered to join the order may refuse, but they are never asked a second time. No novice is told the order’s true name or is shown the red guard grimoire. Manipulation and Sorcery (red guard grimoire) are never taught to novices since the true nature of the order is kept from them.


The test to become an apprentice involves the extinguishing of a fire with no water. Additionally a potential apprentice must possess Lore (alchemy) and any two other order skills at 30%. While the Extinguish spell is commonly learned before one tests, it is not required. Once this test is passed, an apprentice is told the true identity of the order and magical training begins.


Adepts are also called firebearers since none are taught the Firebody spell any earlier. These Red Guardians are expected to take part in designing and overseeing construction of larger works. While the magi and archmagi cast the spells, adepts typically keep prying eyes away from the actual casting. An apprentice is considered to be elevated to adept when his Engineering and Sorcery (Red Guard Grimoire) and any three other order skills are at 50%. After mastering two of the order’s sorcery spells and three of the common magic spells, they apprentice is tested by creating as much fire as possible without sorcery while at least three novices testing to become apprentices attempt to put it out that same fire without water; whoever does better (the to-be-apprentices or the to-be-adept) receives the promotion.


Becoming a mage has more to do with being friendly with the archmagi over skill. While few become magi without having five guild skills 70% (two of which being Manipulation and Sorcery (Red Grim Grimoire)), mastering four of the order’s sorcery spells and all of the order’s common magic, such elevation has happened in the past. Loyalty and a willingness to carry out order’s bidding have triggered such elevations previously. Three of the current order’s magi attained such a level by taking part in great construction efforts and having gone above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions. One mage is said to have killed one of the monarch’s family who discovered the order’s secret, but that is largely considered a rumor.


The three archmagi lead the order and take responsibility for seeing its continuation. Archmage Jefall disagrees discreetly with the other two, seeking to expand the order and push for its wide public acceptance. He advocates for charging the kingdom they protect with favors aimed at increasing the order’s popularity. While the other two see wisdom in his words, they do not want to take such bold action. Unbeknownst to the other archmagi, Jefall is planning to take matters into his own hands by hiring those that may cause havoc on the land just so the order would look like heroes.

Order Skills

The order offer training the in the following skills: Common Magic, Engineering, Evaluate, Lore (alchemy), Manipulation, Perception, Persistence, Sorcery (Red Guard Grimoire), any Dirk style.

New Common Spell

Duration 5, Magnitude 4, Progressive, Touch

The creature touched becomes engulfed in flames but is not harmed by these flames. For the duration of the spell, the creature will deal an extra 1d6 points of magical fire damage atop of any damage dealt from a natural weapon. Creatures and objects that touch the engulfed creature or strike the engulfed creature with natural weapons sustain 1d6 points of magical fire damage. A creature under the effects of Firebody cannot benefit from other damage enhancing spells.

Download Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.com today!

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