Legend: Monsters of the River Nations: Addanc

As part of attempting to release a new monsters every week, we bring to you the Addanc. This is a cross between an alligator and a beaver. While it draws it stats from that of an alligator, it behaves more like it malicious, furry half. More important for this is that this is the first monster from the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations converted over for the Legend RPG. We plan to do more of these, if you are interested. Express your interest or your disinterest in the comments below.

And like last time, I would like to point you towards our first Legend book: Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1. This is the cumulation of the factions presented here on our website. We’d like to keep up this model of presenting the material for you first on our website and then putting it all together in a single product.

This monster possesses the form of a crocodile plus the fur of a beaver and the behavior of both.
The addanc is a solitary predator that builds dams to create small lakes. Once its territory is defined, anything that comes near to the lake or adjoining river becomes the addanc’s prey. The beast hunts by floating just under the surface of the water and waiting for its next meal to approach, at which point it attacks with a bone-crunching bite. With the prey held tight in its jaws, the addanc attempts to drag its quarry under the water. Both industrious and conniving, this monster possesses enough intelligence to wait for its prey to be the most vulnerable. Once it attacks, it goes immediately for the kill, giving its prey little chance to resist. It cares not for its prey; it cares only for its stomach.

Like the natural beaver’s lodge, an addanc’s lair can only be accessed from below the water’s surface. The structure is a truly gruesome scene. The creature uses the possessions and remains of its victims for decoration, and the stench of decay permeates the entire lair. The adjoining dam is composed of heavy tree branches and logs while long bones of larger prey are interspersed to shore the structure. A typical addanc lair is between ten and fifteen meters in diameter and rises about 5 meters above the surface of the water.

A typical addanc is 2.3 meters long and weighs 110 kilograms.

Swimming Grapple An addanc may swim at its full swim movement while grappling an opponent as long as the addanc succeeds an opposed swim check.

STR 4d6+12 (26) CON 4d6+8 (22) SIZ 4d6+12 (26) INT 2d6 (7) POW 3d6 (11) DEX 2d6 (7)

1d20     Hit Location     AP/HP
1-3        Tail                   5/9
4          Right Hind Leg   5/7
5          Left Hind Leg     5/7
6-9        Hindquarters      5/10
10-14    Forequarters      5/11
15         Right Front Leg  5/7
16         Left Front Leg    5/7
17-20    Head/Neck        5/9

Combat Actions             2
Damage Modifier            1d12
Magic Points     11
Movement         6m/10m (swim)
Strike Rank       +7
Typical Armor: Scales. No Armor Penalty.
Traits: Excellent Swimmer

Skills: Athletics 75%, Brawn 85%, Perception 48%, Persistence 55%, Resilience 72%, Stealth 50%, Swim 110%

Combat Styles
Bite 50%, Tail Bash 40%

Type          Size     Reach        Damage     AP/HP        Range
Bite            M         M               1d8+1d12    As for Head –
Tail Bash     L          L                1d4+1d12    As for Tail    –

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