Legend: Pygmy Sun Trolls

This week, I decided to bring you a monster that is more a variation on a theme than a new monster. I got the idea from an old D&D game I played in many years ago. The GM had lizardfolk the size of kobolds. They were fierce devils and I remember being very happy squashing them.

With that in mind, I bring you the Pygmy Sun Trolls. The first mental image I had of these guys is a character or two tied to a stake while these troll runts danced maniacally around them all the while the rest of the players are figuring out a plan to rescue their buddies.

Next moster we post we will be our 5th monster, but it will not be our fifth monster written. I’ve been working on several other monsters, as well. So when we collect these monsters up in one PDF (just like we did with, Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1, available now at DriveThruRPG.com), there will be some brand new monsters as well. Look for them in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this new monster.

Pygmy Sun Trolls

Highly tribal and fiercly territoral, pygmy sun trolls are about as big as a goblin and live on land. They do not fear the sun nor do they turn to stone from day light’s touch. However, these yellow tiny trolls still regenerate damage they sustain and smell of filth. It is not uncommon to see a dozen pygmy sun trolls at a time, most hunt in groups of four to six. They prefer to use a rope or chain or similar weapon where they can entangle their opponent and then bring it down, biting it to death.

These troll runts know their lack of strength and favor group fighting tactics to compensate. Typically, one of their number grapples an arm or the head while the others beat and bite their target to death. Fearing magic, pygmy sun trolls will gang up on anyone obviously wielding magic. If the magic user is powerful and there are enough pygmy sun trolls, three of these annoying creatures will grapple the caster: one for each arm and one on the head.

While not bright, the know how to make poison. And poison they do make. They specialize in making and delivering yellow muck poison. This thick, deadly substance is the same color as their skin and is the most deadly thing about their kind. They deliver this poison to their enemies with blowgun darts that they fire from hidden positions.

Combat Notes
Pygmy sun trolls make a poison with the following Characteristics:
Application: Injection
Onset time: 1d3 Combat Rounds.
Duration: 4d4 minutes.
Resistance Time: The victim must make a resistance roll at the Onsset Time of each stage of the poison. Failure indicates that Condition has taken effect.
Potency: 70%
Resistance: Resilience.
Conditions: Exhaustion, Unconscious. The poison initially causes the victim to exhausted if the first Resistance roll fails (see the Legend Core Rulebook). At the end of the Duration the victim must succeed in a final resistance roll or fall Unconscious for 2d4 hours.
Antidote/Cure: Antidote. Pygmy sun trolls keep an antidote with a potency of 1d20+5 against this poison only. They keep some around incase they accidental poisonong. The antidote must be introduced with a successful First Aid or Healing roll and add the antidote’s Potency as a bonus to the victim’s Resilience roll to fight the poison throughout its duration.

STR 2d6+3 (10) CON 2d6 (7) SIZ 2d6-1 (6) INT 1d6+2 (5) POW 2d6 (7) DEX 3d6+6 (17) CHA 2d6+2 (9)

1d20     Hit Location     AP/HP
1-3        Right Leg          1/3
4-6        Left Leg             1/3
7-9        Abdomen          1/4
10-12    Chest                1/5
13-15    Right Arm          1/2
16-18    Left Leg             1/2
19-20    Head                 1/3

Combat Actions             2
Damage Modifier            -1d2
Magic Points     7
Movement         4m
Strike Rank       +11
Typical Armor: Troll Hide (AP 1), no armor penalty
Traits: Regeneration (1 hp/minute, fire stops regeneration for 1 minute)

Skills: Athletics 35%, Evade 65%, Lore (poison) 85%, Perception 70%, Persistence 50%, Resilience 50%, Stealth 55%, Survival 80%, Unarmed 75%

Combat Styles
Bite 50%, Chain 65%, Blowgun 75%

Type          Size     Reach        Damage     AP/HP        Range
Bite            S          T                1d6-1d2       As for Head –
Chain          M         M               1d4-1d2       8/6              –
Blowgun      –           –                 see Poison  1/4              15m

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