Pathfinder: Psychopomps, Assemble

If you have not been following along all week, we have been detailing the deities of Shadowsfall. Monday we discussed the design goals and philosophies for the deities. Tuesday we detailed the archkyton Akaron and how the Paingiver’s followers view pain as the epitome of life. And yesterday we detailed Bendes and Ular, the Twin Gods that reward cooperation among diverse groups. Today we bring you Zyree, the archpsychopomp of birth, life and death.

Life. It is the most potent force of nature. It is rawest form it is plants, animals and mushrooms. It comes in all shapes and sizes and all life is sacred. But intelligent life is the highest form of life because it can learn and choose to do great things. Intelligent life can set goals and make plans to achieve those goals. It can fashion tool to help in reach those goals. They can care for one another. In this, there is magic.

That is the wisdom found in the Halls of Life, the worship centers that venerate the archpsychopomp Zyree. Followers are commanded to be fruitful and breed life into Shadowsfall. They see life is the most sacred of things and council couples to make as much life as possible. Couples that cannot have children, typically single-gender couples but also opposite gender couples that cannot bear children, are called upon to care for those orphaned by undead attacks, charging them with teaching how life should be fostered and undeath should be opposed at all turns.

On the Southern Peninsula, worship of Zyree is almost universal. Even those that do not bow before any deity will show enough respect to the archpsychopomp to watch over and raise child if the Halls of Life will call upon them to do so. It is only in Splinter Spawn, the undead necropolis that the deity is not widely worshiped. Yet even here, the wayang and dhampirs that hide from their foes venerate Zyree all the more. For in this place where the Plane of Shadows and the Plane of Negative Energy meet, these living few wage a war against undeath itself.

We hope you find these sneak peaks into Shadowsfall’s deities exciting. Tomorrow we will be coming one of our chaotic deities, Calista the Journeywoman. Please join us then.

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