Pathfinder: Riders of the Whirlwind

All week long, we have been looking at the deities of Shadowsfall. So far we have presented our design goals and philosophies as well as an overview of the the archkyton Akaron the Paingiver, Bendes and Ular, the Twin Gods, and Zyree, the caregiver. We round this week out by giving you an sneak peak at Calista, the Journeywoman.

Unlike the other deities described thus far, Calista is seldom worshiped in the strongholds and few of her followers can ever be found within any of the major cities. Instead her freespirited-followers roam through the Outlands, to disover and enjoy all the new places the goddess brings into the Plane of Shadows. The Journeywoman is credited with changing Shadowsfall according to her whims and her followers take great pleasure in being the first to experience it. Whether it is learning every rock on a mountain, exploring a long-forgotten dungeon, battle some kind of new undead or finding magic items that have been altered by their absorption onto Shadowsfall, Calista’s followers are at the forefront of every new experience.

Followers of Calista on the Southern Peninsula frequently serve as guides to those seeking a pass through the Razor Mountains or other dangerous regions of the Outlands. The goddess’ followers, however, are most known for leading refugees to new ruins. Anytime an undead horde overwhelms a town, there are always now homeless survivors that need a place to live. These consummate explorers help these people find a new suitable home, be a cave, shallow holes in the ground or the ruins of absorbed towns.

Calista has a wide range of followers from drow to gnomes, rangers to wilders, even a few time thieves. Thius goddess of the wind has a powerful streak of freedom that many find enticing.

One of the few things that Calista and Akaron have in common is that their oracles are known to probe the mysteries of joy. This new mystery focuses on emotion spells, providing morale bonuses and disheartening ones adversaries.

We hope you enjoyed this look at the deities all week. Next week I will be at GenCon for much of the week so we will not be doing any previews during that time. Look for more previews the week after. If you see me at GenCon, make sure to say hi.

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