Pathfinder: Sail the High Seas with 10 Pirate Ships

Avast me hearties, for there be new pirate ships here! If ye be looking for new vessels to sail the seven seas, look no farther. For inside this electronic book, ye will find four new sailing ships and six different modifications to them ships, complete with captain’s name and why they be famous. These new ships will help in yer search for buried treasure, the best of spirits and a life of adventure, har har har!
So swab the deck and prepare to set sail with the Book of Multifarious Munitions: 10 Pirate Ships— for tonight, we plunder the best booty the sea ever did hold!

Download Book of Multifarious Munitions: 10 Pirate Ships from DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, and the d20PFSRD eStore today.

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