Pathfinder: Prepare for War!

Book of Multifarious Munitions: Vehicles of WarLater this week, we are releasing Book of Multifarious Munitions: Vehicles of War. This is the book I’ve been wanting to do ever since the vehicle rules were announced. With a total of 20 brand new vehicles for your game, these vehicles are usable in any fight and add a whole new dimension to your fights.

For a first preview today, we are listing all the vehicles included in this book. So without further ado, here is what you get within:
Air Board
Blade Sphere
Bone Skiff
Broom of Flying
Clockwork Tank
Construct Ram
Crude Siege Tower
Demon Horse
Dwarven Armored Siege Tower
Flying Wagon
Halfling Frigate
Kobold Flame Dragon
Land Barge
Mobile Barricade
Siege Tower
Sky Dreadnaught
Zombie Bone Chariot

Download Book of Multifarious Munitions: Vehicles of War today at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, and d20PFSRD today.

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