Pathfinder: What Adventure Paths Need SideQuests/Adventure 7’s?

Deadly Delves: Along Came A Spider (PFRPG)

When we asked in this post, I did not expect to get such a clear answer expressing the a need for high level adventures. Well, we heard you and are looking to figure out where to start.

One thing we heard over and over again is “Give us an adventure 7 cap stone to take the campaign to 20th level.” Ok. We also heard, “We need side quests for the adventure paths.” Alright. So the question then is, which adventure paths are most in demand for such adventures.

The poll below has all the adventure paths releases in the last 3 years. Please vote on what you want to see. There are also options for those that don’t necessarily want something that ties into an adventure path. The last option is for those that want that more mythic adventures since there were a few people saying that as well.

Please share with us what you want. If you do not see an answer that you want, let us know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Pathfinder: What Adventure Paths Need SideQuests/Adventure 7’s?

  1. Second Kingmaker. Could be an alternate ending, the end of Kingmaker is quite odd for a story of that kind.

    Possibly Hell’s Rebels, the peace with Cheilax at the end of that is a bit unsatisfactory.

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