PF 2e: Wand of Enhanced Energy Resistance

Not that long ago, we shared the wand of enduring heroism. Today, we wanted to share with you another such wand of our creation: the wand of enhanced energy resistance.

Like we mentioned last time, we each of these wands are designed with expanding options. The few wands that are in the Pathfinder 2e Core Rulebook focus on evocation spells. So we wanted to broaden those spells covered into other area. Today, we bring you a wand that will be a mainstay in any spellcaster’s collection. We hope you enjoy it.

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Wand of Enhanced Energy Resistance Item 6+ 

Abjuration Magical Wand 

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk

This short wand is made from solid gray granite, with symbols carved into it representing each of the five energy types.

Activate Cast a Spell; Frequency once per day, plus overcharge; Effect You cast resist energy of the indicated level. The targets of the spell gain a status bonus to saving throws against the selected energy type.   

Type 2nd-level spell; Level 6; Price 245 gp; Bonus +1  

Type 4th-level spell; Level 10; Price 975 gp; Bonus +2  

Type 7th-level spell; Level 16; Price 9,800 gp; Bonus +2  

Craft Requirements Supply a casting of resist energy of the appropriate level.

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