Traveller: Mass Combat Units

I really enjoy a good mass combat encounter from time to time. In my opinion, it helps to give the game a note of the epic. So when books and movies like Starship Troopers large scale combats, I eat them up. My first work in Traveller was to develop some monsters to use in yourContinue reading “Traveller: Mass Combat Units”

Pathfinder: Its a “Monster” of a Black Friday Sale

Its a “Monster” of a Black Friday Sale! Get our best selling, highest-acclaimed, award-winning PDFs for 75% off (minimum $0.99). Grab Book of Beasts: Monster Variations for $0.99 or Book of Beasts: Wandering Monsters 1 for $0.99. Running an adventure in the River Nations? Pick up Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations forContinue reading “Pathfinder: Its a “Monster” of a Black Friday Sale”

Pathfinder: More “Monster” of a Black Friday Sale

Yesterday we announced that we will be having a “Monster” of a Black Friday Sale. But monsters are not the only things that will be on sale. Oh No. There is more. We are putting all of our Book of the River Nations PDFs for a whopping 75% off (minimum $0.99). That’s right. Starting tomorrow,Continue reading “Pathfinder: More “Monster” of a Black Friday Sale”

[Pathfinder] Recent Reviews Roundup (5-Star Edition)

We’ve recently got some excellent reviews of some of our books and every last one was a 5-Star review! So I thought I would share excerpts and links to them for you. First up, we have the book that everyone loves: the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference for Kingdom Building. The firstContinue reading “[Pathfinder] Recent Reviews Roundup (5-Star Edition)”

Pathfinder: Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat Out This Week

Later this week, Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat will be released from Jon Brazer Enterprises. It will feature the Kingmaker rules with: errata incorporated, frequently asked questions answered, flying mounted units detailed, vassal armies elaborated upon, and zombie hordes … horded This book is perfect for the player in any game that usesContinue reading “Pathfinder: Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat Out This Week”

Traveller: Mech Squadrons Preview 3

Rounding out the previews of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons, we take a look at what else in included in the book besides mechs. There are three mech driver careers included within: one military, one mercenary and one civilian. Today, we’re showing the whole of the civilian career today. You’ll notice that players canContinue reading “Traveller: Mech Squadrons Preview 3”

Traveller Mech Squadrons Preview 2

Today in our series of previews for Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons, we take a look at two more mechs. This pair (a Sigma 135P Personal Defense Mech and a Guardian 995T Assault Artillery) differ from the two previewed yesterday because they are not listed as “Vehicles” in their mass combat stat block. WhileContinue reading “Traveller Mech Squadrons Preview 2”

[Traveller] Ref Advice: Including Everyone in a Mass Combat

I’ve decided to post every other week or so some advice for GMing Traveller. For the first few posts, there will be alot of skipping around to various areas that I am thinking about (or writing about) during that period of time. In the future I will probably do more serial advice on longer topics.Continue reading “[Traveller] Ref Advice: Including Everyone in a Mass Combat”