[Pathfinder and Traveller] Recent Reviews

In the past week, we received two new reviews. First up is the review for our newest release: Shadowsfall Legends: Pawn, Deception, and Sacrifice – Valdia’s Tale. This 4-Star review declares that it “would definitely be enjoyed by any adult who is a fan of dark fiction,” making sure to add that there are “no sparkly vampires here.” We’re really enjoying this story and are glad that others are enjoying it as well. Pick up your copy today at DriveThruFiction, RPGNow, Paizo.com, Amazon Kindle Store, Smashwords and B&N Nook.

Next up, we have and favorite of ours, the D66 Compendium. This book is filled with random lists of names of ships, planets, aliens, robots and more is ideal for a Traveller or any science fiction role playing game. Zachary Houghton commented how, “the [d66] Compendium should be a nice add to your game.” He ended his review by saying “It’s a good buy for Referees needing that little assist or who enjoy random charts geared towards the fun of the Traveller RPG.” Get your copy at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.

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