Traveller: Foreven Worlds: SORAG

Foreven Worlds: Fessor SubsectorWith Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector coming out soon, I thought I should share with you some of the forces in the sector that players could possibly face. Lets start with the enemy to much of the sector: SORAG. SORAG is a branch of the Zhodani military and stands for Study and Operations Recording Activities Group; its official mission is to observe the progress of emerging interstellar planets. Unofficially, its job is to make unaligned planets right for a Zhodani conquest, without having it look like a conquest. They destabilize governments, if not bring them down altogether. This way the Zhodani Navy comes in and helps to stabilize the situation. Then they never leave.

Even though the paranoid in the sector see SORAG agents everywhere, that does not mean that SORAG isn’t watching. Their active infiltration and assassination missions may not be everywhere, their surveillance and analysis agents are on just about every world in the sector. They observe activities on a world, determine if the world has sufficient value to take over, and look for destabilizing weak points in the planet’s society. Once sufficient weak points are determined, infiltration agents come in and press those weak points causing a crisis. Once the economy or the government collapses, the Zhodani Consulate typically offers to help stabilize the situation. SORAG agents will have collected enough dirty deeds on the leaders to blackmail them into agreeing to the stabilizing force. Should the leaders refuse or if SORAG agents cannot find enough to blackmail a leader, the Consulate will typically send their military, making some excuse to say why it is necessary.

With so few worlds in the Foreven Sector apart of a large interstellar network, the region is ideal for SORAG agents to ply their trade. Imperial intelligence agencies have been slow to recognize this threat and are only starting to catch up. Deployed Imperial agents have been sent to determine the level of SORAG activity on individual Imperial-friendly worlds and recommend countermeasures.

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The CT supplement SORAG was originally created by Chuck Kallenbach II and published by Paranoia Press. I really enjoyed the book when I first read it and still enjoy it. I just want to thank Mr. Kallenbach and Paranoia Press for this book.

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