Traveller: Rosy Artwork

Foreven Worlds Prelude to War The Rose of DeathComing later this summer is The Rose of Death, our first adventure in the Prelude to War adventure path. Earlier this week, we got in some of the artwork for this adventure and I wanted to show it off to you.

Each of these four characters play an important part in the adventure. Exactly what that part is, you will have to wait and find out. *evil grin*

This adventure is a good introduction of what life is like beyond the safety of the Imperium. The characters get to see first hand how things can quickly go from a normal average day to a terrible day when there is no massive over-government keeping major criminals in check and and the law enforcement (mostly) honest.

Beyond the adventure itself, we give you an indepth look into the planet Cornath. This is really helpful when the characters want to go sightseeing on a different continent. Alternatively, if you want to have your character originally from here, this will help you see what life you can expect on this superearth, letting you talk in game like you really are from the planet.

Illustrations by Brian Brinlee.

black business woman colors street rat colors hispanic man colors drug lord colors

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