5e: What Levels Need More Adventures?

Deadly Delves: Rescue from Tyrkaven (5e)

I’ve asked this before for Pathfinder. Now that we are trying to ramp up our 5e production, it is a solid idea to find out what levels of adventures you would like to see. I know many would like to say, “All levels,” but we do not have the resources to do adventures for levels 1 and 20 at the same time. Where do you feel we should we focus our energy. Share your thoughts with us and share this poll with your friends today.

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One thought on “5e: What Levels Need More Adventures?

  1. WotC publishes all of their adventures in the range of levels 1-15, if I recall. While it’s rare for characters to make it to level 20, I’d love to see more support for playing these heroes of past D&D campaigns all the way to max level. While you can’t explicitly set adventures in the Forgotten Realms or Ravenloft, you could still capture the “lost world” feel of Chult or the Gothic horror of Ravenloft (with the serial numbers filed off) with adventures that would pick up from where Tomb of Annihilation or Curse of Strahd left off, for example.

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