Important Milestone

Yesterday, JBE hit an important milestone. We received 2 checks in the mail for PDF and print book sales. The total of those two checks is more than I receive in take-home pay per paycheck from my day job. That is highly significant since my job is in the category that Matt Sprange (of MongooseContinue reading “Important Milestone”

New Lower International Shipping

I had not realized it until yesterday, but I charging to much to ship internationally. I overestimated the weight. My bad. So here are the new rates: International Economy (Canada Only) Qty 1-2 US$6.00 Qty 3-4 US $10.00 International Standard (Worldwide) Qty 1-2 US$11.00 Qty 3-4 US$13.00 International Express (Worldwide) Qty 1-5 US$29.00 I apologizeContinue reading “New Lower International Shipping”

[Meta] Newspapers and the Future of RPGs

This morning on my way to work, I stopped at my local Wawa for breakfast (bad for the waist line, but still good) and there was a guy from the local newspaper there handing out free copies of their paper. I didn’t take one and as far as I could tell no one else didContinue reading “[Meta] Newspapers and the Future of RPGs”