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Traveller: Explore Alespron Subsector

Foreven Worlds: Alespron Subsector (Traveller)

Assassination ripped apart the very fabric of the Torres Monarchy and sent all of Alespron Subsector into disarray. When the Zhodani Consulate stepped in to restore peace, they only galvanized the region into resisting with all their might. Those that dare to oppose such a powerful military do so at their own peril. Will you make the difference between life and death for the poor refugees that flee the fighting or will you take up arms? Will you help a people to win their freedom and restore order? Will you be the one that forges new alliances between old enemies to resist a far greater power? Only you can decide.

Foreven Worlds: Alespron Subsector is a 12 page supplement for Traveller. Inside you will find:

  • intricate details for 7 worlds of this subsector and the people that survive the war-torn hellscape of the former Torres Monarchy,
  • an overview of all the other planets in the subsector,
  • a detailed, full-color map of the subsector,
  • and plot hooks for you to create your own campaign.

What destiny lies in your hands?

Download Foreven Worlds: Alespron Subsector at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

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Traveller: More Foreven Worlds Wallpaper

Alespron Subsector WallpaperHey Traveller Fans.

Alespron Subsector is off to the editor so it won’t be long until it comes your way for download. So I thought I would share with you the amazing cover image on the book as downloadable wallpaper. Click on the full image and download the paper for your computer or phone.

Alespron is a fun subsector since it has some many things going on all at once. The Torres Monarchy collapsed and a civil war has been going on for the past five years. The Zhodani Consulate has stepped in to “prevent a humanitarian crisis” as they justify it. Meanwhile the citizens of the Torres Monarchy call it an invasion. Meanwhile you have people fleeing on every ship they can find. This is going to be an action packed subsector.

Not only that, this will complete the Beta Quadrant of the Foreven Subsector. Look for some fun new releases to enhance your playing ability in these four subsectors in the future. We hope you join us for it.

Download Foreven Worlds: Alespron Subsector today at the JBE Shop and DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.