Foreven: Heroes Wanted

Heroes Wanted
Chaos and dissent spread through the Foreven Sector like wildfire. Innocent (and sometimes not-so-innocent) lives are swept up in the wake of the conflict, and only your Travellers can protect them. But who is sowing these seeds of rebellion and violence? Someone must cut the strings before the puppet masters succeed at whatever dark machinations they are plotting. Are you up to the task?
The Prelude to War: Player’s Guide helps you to navigate the Foreven Worlds by giving you the tools you need, and includes:

  • Details on how each race and career can succeed in this campaign
  • A full map of the Alespron and Fessor Subsectors, where this campaign takes place
  • Skills package tailor-made for this campaign
  • In-character quotes to help you get in the mood for the campaign

What Destiny Lies in Your Hands?

Download the Prelude to War: Player’s Guide to help you make the perfect Traveller for this campaign from Jon Brazer Enterprises exclusively at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

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